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What would I ask if I had dinner with Joe Biden?

Given that he has a reputation for long answers and the fact that my wife and nine children would have their own set of questions, I would have four questions for the distinguished Senator.

  • Why did you choose to become an attorney? (Is he an idealist?  Was law school a pragmatic decision or was he trying to change the world?)
  • Is the Christmas season still a difficult time? (Biden's wife Neilia and daughter were killed in a car accident, December 1972.  I can't imagine the pain.  It would be a sacred honor to hear from him how he dealt with the grief while raising two sons.) 
  • Are you still mad at God?  (He said that he, "felt God played a horrible trick" on him.  I wonder if he has kept God at a distance or, even if he doesn't understand why, has he pressed closer to the Almighty?) 
  • Can I call you Robinette?  (Sara Palin asked if she could call him "Joe"…but his middle name is Robinette!  What's up with that?)  

Those would be my questions.  Politics aside, what would you ask? 

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