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Which country is pro-life?  In the Netherlands and Germany abortion is legal.  In Brazil abortion is strictly prohibited.  

If we look at the laws of these countries the answer seems obvious.  But when we look at the actual number of abortions we have to wonder.  Even though abortion is illegal in Brazil "an astounding forty of every thousand pregnancies end in abortion.  The current rate of U.S. abortions is about half that of Brazil."  Some of the lowest abortion rates are found in Germany and the Netherlands.

Korzen and Kelley say that we have to ask "Why?" before we vote.  If we think that making abortion illegal will actually reduce the number of abortions than what will we do when Roe vs. Wade is overturned and we don't see the desired results?  While they agree that abortion is one of the greatest threats to human life they say we should examine the methods we are pursuing to reach our goals.  Specifically, they point out that poverty is really the root of all problems.  The abortion rate is highest among the poor and in the poorest countries.  So if we vote for and work to improve life for the poor then we will see our goal when it comes to abortion realized.

What do you think of their line of reasoning?
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