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So what does it mean to live our faith on election day according to Korzen and Kelley?  They argue that we are to vote for the common good:  

…Our primary responsibility is to the common good.  The common good provides for the health, welfare, and dignity of all people and promotes the best interests of everyone, not just the few.  It ensures that we truly build the essential conditions for a culture of life.  It also focuses on helping those who need it most:  the poor and vulnerable.  When we vote for the common good, we vote to build a society in which all have the freedom and opportunity to reach their full human potential.

Easier said than done.  This requires much prayer, study of scripture and willingness to compromise.  That is, on every issue for the common good we have to recognize that Augustine was right to distinguish between "City of Man and the City of God."  When engaging the City of Man we do so as exiles, like Daniel in Babylon, not as if we are in the City of God, that is the Kingdom of Heaven.
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