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We had a service of confession here in South Africa–both private and corporate.  Emmanuel Chijindus is the Africa Area Director for YFC.  He is a powerful presence both on the platform and up close. He confessed the sins of Africa and by the end we were all weeping because of this mans true contrition for what his people had done.

The written word is wholly inadequate to capture what happened but here are the sins he confessed…

Sins of Ancestors and Ancient Chiefs
  • Idolatry
  • Human Sacrifices 
  • Killing of twins and throwing them away 
  • Throwing away the sick 
  • Africa's role in selling our kinsmen to slave traders 
  • Incest 
  • Subjugation of women as nothing 
  • Killing of early missionaries who came to us 

Sins of our Nations

  •  Tribalism
  • Nepotism 
  • Racism & Apartheid 
  • Rigging of Elections and placing the wrong people in power
  • Misappropriation   of Government & Public funds leading to the impoverishment of the masses
  •  Violent overthrow of Governments by coup
  • Assassinations  of our leaders

Sins in our Ministries

  • Dishonesty in reporting and exaggeration of figures so as to appear more successful
  • Overlording our staff & volunteers instead of serving them
  • Appropriating ministry materials and resources to ourselves and not to the ministry itself
  • Abandoning the ministry for personal pursuits 
  • Being manipulative in making choices for leadership  

Have you ever confessed the sins of your people in this way, that is, the way the people of God did in the Bible?

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