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The BBC podcast called "Documentary" is doing series on race and reconciliation with South Africa as its case study.  I just listened to part one and my heart broke.  The next generation of South African's don't seem to be owning the hard fought battle for reconciliation.  Mandela walked out of prison eighteen years ago but those born since then (they call them "born frees") are at odds with each other.  I was saddened as I listened to the retelling of race motivated violence perpetrated by both blacks and whites upon each other. 

The church appears to have lost it's prophetic voice.  No it's worse than that, Apartheid still exists in the church!  The interviewer asked a young white man if he had ever dated a black girl.  He said, "No, because I'm a Christian."  He went on to say that in the same way that he wouldn't date another man because the Bible is against homosexuality he wouldn't date outside of his race because of the what he has been told the scriptures say.  Lord, have mercy!

It just goes to that being born free doesn't mean you are free.  Each generation has to rediscover the past and choose the path of peace.

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