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Parentless children is a global crisis with over 140 million orphans world wide.

One day, I received an email from a woman in our church about a little girl available for adoption in Ethiopia.  At that time my wife, Barbara, and I had four children.  Two boys and two girls–a complete symmetrical family.  As I skimmed the email I prayed that God would provide a home for this child and then deleted the email.  A while later the lady asked Barbara what she thought about the email.  Busted!  I told my wife that I thought our family was finished so I didn't see the need to forward the message to her.  I was wrong.

We entered the process of international adoption.  We were prepared for a long road but as we encountered one delay after another we began to wonder if the Lord was at work.  We prayed and sensed that perhaps we were to be open to adopting more than one child from Ethiopia.  After all, how could we travel half-way around the world to a country with 500,000 orphans and only bring back one!

We told our agency that if they could find another child we would be open.  They identified a little boy and we were off to Ethiopia…

After all, how could we be in a country with half a million orphans and not do all we could?

Do you know how many orphans there are in America?

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