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Mybeautifulidol_3 As a friend of Pete Gall, I’ve always believed that he was born to write.  I’m glad his first book is on the shelves so you can see what I’ve known for years.

It’ called My Beautiful Idol and you can read samples here…

(Yours truly even has a cameo as Pastor Ellison)

Philip Yancey said this about My Beautiful Idol:

"St. Augustine invented the confessional memoir.  Modern examples are shorter and funnier (think Anne Lamott and Donald Miller).  Now comes Pete Gall, who somehow gathers the messiness of his life into an enduring account, one both poignant and himsical."

Shane Claiborne said:

"My Beautiful Idol is a delicate reminder to denounce all that dazzles that does not look like Jesus.  It is an invitation to say no to all other lovers and counterfeit hopes, and to put our faith in the God that is blessing the most downtrodden people of this world, the Goid whose Gospel is good news to the poor."

With endorsements like that you don’t need mine! 

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