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posted February 28, 2008 at 5:52 pm

How do you practice something like that?!?

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jazz theologian

posted February 29, 2008 at 2:48 pm

I know?…I keep watching it thinking that it’s a trick camera shot or something but she seems to have genuinely hit her head…

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ronnie johnson

posted March 9, 2008 at 8:06 am

WHAT A STORY! © 2008
By Ronnie Johnson
And as they led him away, they lay hold upon one Simon, a Cyrenian, coming out of the country, and on him they laid the cross, that he might bear it after Jesus.
St. Luke 23:26 (KJV).
What a story! This whole God-thing about the Messiah and the miraculous birth of a child by God Himself is too much for most people’s intelligence. And then there is this resurrection business–where the Son of God is raised from the dead. None of this makes sense. Not really! It just does not add up; or have any logic to such a historical claim. And yet throughout this world, there are symbols of this cross, spiraling steeples, cathedrals and churches everywhere acknowledging the reality of this great story.
In the middle of this heroic redemption plan I think it is so interesting that during the life story of Christ and the march to his death is a folder with another story. It is about a man the Roman soldiers lay hold of to help Jesus carry his cross to Calvary. I cannot help but think about this man who is just standing in the crowd observing all the turmoil and sadness of this man about to be nailed to a Roman tree.
But they secure his help. He picks up a cross many theologians say could have weighed up to 200 pounds. Up this hill to Calvary, up the way to death, up the path to a gruesome, horrible crucifixion of anguish and pain these two figures trod along. This father of Alexander and Rufus, friend of others, and no doubt a man with a strong physique, was compelled to bear a cross that history has never understood; and yet millions have accepted as the hope of all hopes. What A Story!
Interestingly enough Simon the Cyrenian carried a cross for the world; for all humanity. He lifted up that awful piece of wood; he placed his body under a tree of death for you and me. And then in return, the Christ allowed his own body to be placed on this cross for all mankind to know the ‘peace that passes all understanding.’ He, in fact, gave himself for this Simon of Cyrene, too.
Going to Calvary with the Savior must have been an incredible view as the African man carried this cross for the Lord. Their eye contact, their body language, their two lives walking side by side up a hill—What A Story! It changed history forever.
Later no doubt, he would tell his children and his children’s children about the greatest story on earth; about bearing an old rugged cross that he dragged to hill for a man people wanted to kill. The people of Libya, Africa, that ancient Greek Cyrenian town, would pass on many stories and ideas about this famous universal story-journey. It was a story-journey that their own citizen, Simon the Cyrenian, had a role in. Somehow in the mind of Almighty and the creativity of the Divine, He allowed this man just a peep into the Redemption Story; a short role into the death of His only Son.
It tells me that we are all a part of the theatre of this story in life. The drama hasn’t ended. We all have a role in the Greatest Story Ever Told. Our role is now. Our role is a story of faith. We have a choice. You and I are still on that stage. It is up to us now to pick up our own cross and carry it for Christ. It is a cross just as real as the wooden one Simon carried up the hill to Calvary. Sometime I feel as though it is even more real than the cross he bore for our Lord. It is a cross of belief, of faith and hope. It is a cross of responsibility and accountability. It is a cross where you and I lay our heart upon the table. It is a cross that we will not or never will, recant the story of this Messiah who gave his own life, his own blood for our sins. No cross, no hope! No cross, no abundant life! No cross, no unspeakable joy! No cross, then no Simon the Cyrenian!
WHAT A STORY! How about you? How is your faith? How healthy is your belief in this story? Are you in? Or, are you out?

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ronnie johnson

posted March 9, 2008 at 8:08 am

Thank you Roberto for your recent Blind Spots messages…..I think I need to learn how to post stuff…..let’s get a Slurpy, Slimmy, Smoothy soon.

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