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I’m adding a new dimension to this blog.  Up until now it has primarily been focused on working out the contours of a jazz-shaped fatih.  That will continue to be the primary topic.  Howerve, beginning this weekend, it will also be a forum to discuss my sermons on line too.  For those of you who attend CCC I’m looking forward to this added dimension of connecting and walking to heaven together.  For those of you who are not a part of CCC, I’ll try to form "The Monday Connection" in a way that doesn’t require knowledge of the sermon to participate (though if you desire to, you can find the sermons on line, just check the right hand column)  That being said, lets jump in…

Let’s talk about worship.

What was your most meaningful worship experience? Were you at church, by yourself or somewhere else?  What made it was so powerful?

Additionally, I am struck by how God called Israel out of slavery to worship him.  They make the trek to the mountain and in Ex. 19 are told to make preparations to meet with God in three days.  Three days of preparation!  When you think of gathering with God’s people in corporate worship do you make preparations?  If so, what do you do?  What difference do you think it would make?

In view of God’s mercy,


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