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The Fast Company story points out that "Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia revolutionized how we think about knowledge and the encyclopedia.  Now he’s taking on Internet search.  Google has $10 billion in cash and stock worth $150 billion.  Wales has $4 […]

I’ve never been one to listen to audio versions of the Bible, by and and large I found them boring.  This Lent I gave up talk radio.  My goal was to reduce the number of voices in my head this […]

Fast Company magazine calls Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, "Google’s worst nightmare."  The reason is simple, he believes that there is a better way to do what Google (and Yahoo, etc) do.  He is not to first to think this […]

Jimmy "Jimbo" Wales, the founder of the free online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, is all Google-eyed.  He believes that there is a better way to do online searching.  So he has started Wikia, "a collection of communities with websites that you can […]