The Jazz Theologian

Fast Company magazine calls Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia, "Google’s worst nightmare."  The reason is simple, he believes that there is a better way to do what Google (and Yahoo, etc) do.  He is not to first to think this but he is unique in his approach.

The fascinating thing is that he doesn’t know how he is going to do it yet.  That is why he put out the call on Wikia’s website asking for help.  Not just any kind of help, but volunteer help.  He "received 4 million mentions online and attracted its first 1,000 volunteers."  He believes the answer to his mission is found in the army of people who will serve the mission for free.

Is this not the way pastors are to go about reaching their communities?  Doesn’t Eph. 4 point the professional clergy to surrender the actual ministry into the hands of volunteers?  I believe the key to the transformation of our cities is not found in the pulpits but in the pews.

To be continued…

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