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Could it be that contemporary pastors and worship leaders are glorified Quasimodo’s?  Modern day Hunchback’s of Notre Dame! I beginning to think so.  When we stand before God’s people it isn’t that they do not have clocks or watches.  Quite […]

Do people really worship in worship services?  I remember reading about a poll that was taken of people after attending a worship service and what they found is that if the music portion of the service lasted longer than twenty […]

Little did I know that I would have the opportunity to have dinner with Scot McKnight on the same week that he was my blog of the week.  It just so happened that he is in Denver speaking at a […]

As time went on and people purchased alarm clocks and automobiles the church bells were replaced.  The call to worship moved from being the bell that signaled to the song that started the service.  In some church traditions the opening […]

Bell ringing became an art and it even gained a fancy latin name:  Campanology, the study of bells. There were two main ways to ring the church bell…

Look up at most church buildings that are over a hundred years old and one thing you’ll notice is the bell tower.  Now days, if these are ever used, it is for special occasions, holidays, weddings, events like that. Originally, […]

The blog and book are by the "McKnight in shining blogger" (I know it doesn’t make sense but for some reason I still like it) and an album by some swinging Swedes.

"Jazz has often been called America’s only original art form, its classical music, the twentieth-century music par excellence."  John F. Szwed