The Jazz Theologian

James Lucas gives us the ingredients to embracing the paradoxes of God and living with the mystery.  His components in part are…

  • a truth
  • an opposing truth
  • a willingness:  We choose to press the two truths against each other as hard as we can.
  • a tension:  We look for the tension, and rejoice in the tension, between the two sides of the paradox.  We want to leverage each side against the other.  The practical way to focus this step is to frame the tension as a halakic argument or question.

He then proceeds work this process with the many of the paradoxes of the God we love.  Here’s a sampling of the chapter titles…

  • The All-Knowing God Who Forgets
  • The God of Judgment Who Gives Us a Break
  • the Changeless God Who Changes
  • The God Who Loathes and Loves the Wicked
  • The Prince of Peace Who Bears a Sword
  • We Must Flee Evil, and We Must Fight It

Simply put this is the stuff of jazz.  Creative Tension

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