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Some ‘Conn’-versation…

Some Kirk Whalum…

and a fresh Christian perspective on immigration.

Conn_thumbnail Blog:  My graduate degree was in Missiology and I loved reading the late Harvey Conn.  There are a group of people keeping his legacy alive at ‘Conn’-versation.  Conn taught that we should learn to love the city because the world is no longer a global village rather it has become a global city.

Whalum2 Album:  If your looking for some good smooth Christian jazz with a Gospel bent then you can’t go wrong with Kirk Whalum’s The Gospel According to Jazz (part 1 and 2).  There are also DVD’s available of the evenings that are worth watching.  Here is his personal website.

Living_on_borders_128x BookLiving on the Borders:  What the Church can Learn from Ethnic Immigrant Cultures by Mark Griffin & Theron Walker.  With all the debate on immigation this is a refrseshing take on the subject from a Christian perspective.

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