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This weeks Blog, Album and Book of the week includes action figures, a classic and a book with an an interesting question…

TeamallBlog of the WeekPond Patrol!  This is simply one of the most creative blogs I have ever seen.  Every thursday there is a new installment in the ongoing saga of The Pond Patrol Team.  The writer (and photographer and poser of the action figures) is taking a break until January 11th, so this is the time to work your way through the archives and get caught up on this unique experience in the blogosphere.

Coltranelove_supreme_6 Album of the week:  I’ve been listening to Coletrane again.  It doesn’t get any better than his trademark, "A Love Supreme."  I’ve written much about this work here.  This is a must album for any building a jazz library of essentials.

IsjazzdeadBook of the Week: "Is Jazz Dead:  or has it moved to a new address" is a book your going to want to pick up to catch up on the latest debates in and about jazz.  If you are not aware this is a huge debate as to what makes jazz, jazz and who gets to decide.  Much of the controversy swirls around Wynton Marsalis and Jazz at the Lincoln Center.  This is a book that will serve to catch you up on the state of jazz in America (and Europe) as we move into it’s second century of existence.

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