The Jazz Theologian

Swing is one of the halmarks of jazz.  It is what gives the music life and momentum, it is what causes your toe to tap and your head to nod.  This is accomplished through what is known as syncopation–accenting the offbeat. 

For those of us who aren’t musicians let’s try a little excercise.  Take your right hand and tap out a beat counting…

one…         two…         three…         four…

Now add your left hand tapping in between the beats, on the off beat…


That is syncopation.

It isn’t that other styles of music don’t make use of this technique but as one person has said, "Jazz is syncopation gone mad!"

I believe that this can be applied to the scriptures and if we do, we will discover, not hidden meaning but meaning that has been missed because it falls on the off beats of scripture.


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