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Speaking of the American Dream, Aaron McGruder called it quits!

His comic strip, The Boondocks, has been a unique commentary on American life.  Grandfather moves to the suburbs (i.e. the boondocks) and then his two grandchildren come to live with him.  In the process they wrestle with race, class, shades of skin hues and identity.


McGruder has been wildly successful, reportedly earning six figures and even had a animated series of the strip on The Cartoon Network.

And then he gave it all up without any explanation.

Mark Reynolds has a column on what happened at the following link…Negritude 2.0.  He calls what McGruder did, "The New American Fantasy:  Walking away from it all."

Reynolds recalls the story of Dave Chapell as well, who was an over night success and then turned down a $50 million contract to fade back to a normal life.

The American Dream.  What is it?  What are people looking for?  Is it the Kingdom?

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