The Jazz Theologian

Obama Barack Obama’s long awaited book, "The Audacity of Hope," hit the bookshelves today.  Up until now we have known a lot about his personal story but little about what he thinks about the issuies and his vision for the future of politics and faith.

What makes him interesting to me is his openess about his his decision to become a Christian and the role that his faith plays in his life and politics.  I’m only a few chapters in so it is to soon to tell how he is going to express the ways of Jesus.

His websites can be viewed here and here.

I sense some jazz in him as he speaks often of not what is wrong but what is right and as he seeks to bring together and not provide.  He has been called the Purple Politician for he is a blend of the red and blue state divide.

The books subtitle is, "Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream."

"The American Dream is an ideal that I think about often as it pertains to our faith.  What do you think, what is the American Dream and how compatable is it with following Jesus?

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