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If we are going to fully incorporate the Gospel in our life then we need an additional conversion.  Not one for salvation, but one that shows that salvation has arrived in our lives.  This “second conversion” occurs when we awaken to the implications of the




upon our culture and shared cultural differences.

There is a direct correlation between our faith in Christ and issues of race and culture.  The early church was surprised by and wrestled with this all throughout the book of Acts.  Peter discovered this in Acts 10 and Paul took him to task for not living it in Galatians (2.11ff).  Paul actually calls it hypocrisy to say you believe in Christ and yet not let it effect who you share your meals with. 



we went from having separate pews to separate buildings and the secret of most diverse churches is that even though we are worshipping together our dinner tables are still as divided as ever. 

Have you had the second conversion?  Has your church?  Have you heard about Bill Hybels’ second conversion?

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