The Jazz Theologian

So what is unique about America?  (hmmm…The Constitution…Baseball…and???)

The answer to reaching a culture is not without but within.  In the same way that the Apostle Paul used the unique cultural setting of Mars Hill we must learn to exegete American culture for it’s contrubutions to the gospel.  Athens had a shopping mall for commerce, an intellectual elite and a spiritual side as well.  Paul engaged the culture on its’ turf and was able to pull out of the culture the keys to explaining faith in Christ.  (Acts 17)  Daniel and his three friends studied in Chaldean Seminary, took on the names of Babylonian gods and worked for the pagan king and experienced the power and presence of God.

What is unique about America?  It has been said that America has three original contributions to the world…The Constitution, Baseball and Jazz. 

Churches vote and largely operate with democratic tendencies.  Rick Warren has shown us what happens when Baseball is applied to the church and whether or not you adopt his Purpose Driven form of spiritual formation (which I do not), we learn that there is benefit to thinking through corporate discipleship.  But what about Jazz?  The church in America has yet to mine one of it’s national treasures for the purposes of the kingdom of God! 

If we are truly going to have a Domestic Missiology, we can not ignore this truly indigenous American invention.  There is a reason why the church in America has been impotent when it comes to truly engaging a pluralistic racialized society…

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