The Jazz Theologian

  • 3 lines
  • Lines One and Three have five syllables, Line Two has 7 syllables
  • No rhyming, similes, metaphors or narration.
  • Usually about nature or a moment.

I’m not that proficient at these but I’d thought I take a shot at putting my thoughts as to what Jazz is, in the form of six Haiku’s.

Who am I? Tension. Jazz is Life on the Hyphen. Race. Contradiction.

Jazz is Convergence.
Unity not Uniform.
Out of Many One.

Freedom, Boundaries.
Jazz is Improvisation.

Life in the Moment.
Jazz is the Selah of Life.

Jazz is Listening.
Playing it by Ear.

Jazz is Born of Blues.
Transfigured the Disfigured.
Soulful, Full of Soul.

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