The Jazz Theologian

Just the other night I was part of a group. Young and old. Rich and poor. Black, Latino & white. Farmer types and Hip-Hop. I was at a local jazz club.

What is IT about jazz that produces this kind of convergence? The band had a latin saxophonist, a young dread-locked brother on stand-up bass, middle-aged white pianist and a middle aged African-American on drums.

One song started and the leader motioned for someone in the crowd. An elderly black gentlmen slowly made his way to the stage…His voice was far from perfect, but as this man sang about love, IT was presnent, he had IT, we all wanted IT. And we wept because of IT.

IT allows for the hyphens and the hyphen-less to co-exist; for Grandpa & grandson to be together…for unity without uniformity.

What is "IT" about jazz that produces this? Have you ever experienced "IT" in a church?

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