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“Nigerian officials say 908 Muslim women pilgrims traveling to Mecca face deportation from Saudi Arabia for traveling without male relatives.” Read the rest here. What would the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) say?

What do you think of this video?

What’s your take on her participation in the Olympics? One report is here. A snippet: “In remarks carried on the Olympics website, Shahrkhani said her journey was only just beginning.” Is she a trailblazer for Saudi women?

For the first time — ever — women from Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Brunei are competing in the Olympic Games. Methinks Muslim women from non-Muslim-majority countries have competed before. Why is this different?

According to the Arab News, transportation costs consume half of a woman’s income in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. What possible reason could there be in the 21st century to forbid women to drive? From an American perspective, it looks […]