Islam In America

Afghanistan Women’s Rights Abuses Prevail Despite New Law, U.N. Says.

What’s so difficult about the concept of a nation’s future depending on women as well as men? Putting handcuffs on half the population does nothing except further ignorance.

Muslim-majority countries will never garner global respect when incidents of violence against women remain largely under-reported because of cultural restraints, social norms and religious beliefs.

“The political crisis over Egypt’s draft constitution hardened on both sides on Sunday, as President Mohamed Morsi prepared to deploy the army to safeguard balloting in a planned referendum on the new charter and his opponents called for more protests and a boycott to undermine the vote….

“Over the past two weeks, hundreds of thousands of people have poured into the streets to oppose the charter, crowds have attacked 28 Muslim Brotherhood offices and the group’s headquarters, and at least seven people have died in clashes between Islamist and secular political factions.”

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As an American Muslim, what stake do you have in the outcome of these violent confrontations?

“At least seven people have been killed and more than 770 injured in clashes outside the presidential palace in Cairo.


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“Thousands in Cairo protest Egypt president as opposition rejects talks. Egyptian protesters break through barbed wire barricade at presidential palace; more than 10,000 protesters were penned behind barrier, guarded by army tanks.”

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