Islam In America

pakistan“Taliban” translates quite literally as “students”, yet (as this latest atrocity confirms) the undeniably evil men who call themselves the Taliban are anything but seekers of knowledge.

Murdering more than a hundred school kids in Pakistan? Really? “Their sole purpose, it seems, was to kill those innocent kids. That’s what they did,” Major General Asim Bajwa said during a press conference.

How can that action possibly be considered as following the true path of Islam? (For that matter, how can it be considered a a step toward seeking knowledge?)

Pakistanis in southwest Asia (and elsewhere) need to rethink their stance vis-a-vis these Islamic terrorists.

As an American, it’s painful to read the recently released Torture Report (United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence’s report on the CIA’s enhanced interrogation techniques).

The only U.S. Senator who was tortured — that would be John McCain — has vociferously opposed the use of torture on American detainees.

He said the practices “fly in the face of everything that America values and stands for. It’s about us: what we were, what we are, and what we should be, and that’s a nation that does not engage in these kinds of violations of the fundamental basic human rights that we guaranteed when we declared our independence,” he said in comments reported by CBS.

We all know who the targets of these “enhanced interrogation techniques” are.

What sort of response do we — who share the same religion as these “targets” — make?

Here we go again. Two women have been arrested in Saudi Arabia for the crime of driving.


Yeah: only in Saudi Arabia. But, why?

We all know Saudi women (and girls) who have driven cars in the kingdom — albeit on “private property”. That is, the female offspring of royalty have been driving cars, jeeps, motorcycles (whatever) on their families’ estates for decades.

To get to the basics: there’s no prohibition in the Qu’ran against women drivers. All other countries (Muslim-majority included) permit both sexes to drive.

It’s time for Saudi Arabia to drop this farcical prohibition.

It has always seemed strange to me that many in the Muslim world continue to relegate half the population to the shadows.

Yes, I’m talking about the role of women — and that’s especially true in places such as Saudi Arabia, “with rigid cultural attitudes and restrictions on women that include preventing them from driving”.

The New York Times has waded into the fray with this piece: “A Conundrum for Saudis: Women at Work”.

What’s your take? Will the kingdom eventually realize that at least half its future depends on its women?