Is it the End of the World?

One can imagine Pontius Pilate, elegant and earthy at the same time, asking Jesus to tell him how to find truth.

This is the great unknown in our world. Jesus, the Christ, said in John 14:6 that He is the way, the truth, and the life. Humans though have a great capacity for explaining away virtually anything. Just the other day, I read where a scholar has said that we must re-think what Jesus was really saying here.

And to think, for 2,000 years it seemed plain that He was claiming to Ultimate Reality.

The various religions, including the new Emergent community within American evangelicalism (growing by leaps and bounds!), often claims there is no absolute truth.

Yet I would invite you to read the Bible through and see if that is so.

If you are looking for it.

I’m always amazed by the sheer numbers and variety of opponents of Bible prophecy. Oddly enough, it is from the Christian community that the most odious criticism falls on our heads.

One gets the feeling that our critics think we would score lower on the IQ scale than Laurel and Hardy.

Yet we simply point out the obvious, such as the numerous Old Testament prophecies that claim Israel would be reborn in the last days.

And here they are.

Who is really out to lunch?

Whenever I have a conversation with a liberal Christian, which is often, and the subject is the Arab-Israeli conflict, my conversation partner never seems terribly interested in the existential threats to Jews in Israel.

I ask if the security fence is not a good thing, since it has stopped terrorists from murdering Jews. Homicide bombers are kept out.

That seemingly straight-forward appeal to humanity—that it’s a good thing, even if it means Palestinians are inconvenienced at checkpoints—is always met with derision. “Does that justify ‘fencing-in’ the Palestinians?”

Well, as a matter of fact, I believe it does. Again: Jews are not being murdered. That trumps everything else.

I also notice that Western liberals (the so-called “peace and justice,” or “non-violent” protesters) behave as if there are no real threats to Israeli Jews.

Actually, there are thousands of them, what with rocket stockpiles both in Gaza and Lebanon.

Will someone on the left acknowledge that this reality is simply not just?

Capture Palestinian rockets

One of the little-known sites for tourists in Jerusalem is a small street on the east side of the Old City. It leads to Lion’s Gate, where Israeli forces broke through on June 7, 1967, and re-took the city.

It was a monumental event for Jews the world over, for it signaled the return of Jewish sovereignty over the city for the first time in 2,000 years.

The event now is the obsession of the entire world.

Every time I visit the city, I look at the engraving that marked the site of the IDF paratroopers’ entrance into the Old City. I realize that with the Palestinians wanting, officially, the east side for a future capitol, this presents a thorny problem. Israel claims the entire city will remain in Jewish hands forever.

Almost the entire world says otherwise.

What will be the outcome?