Is it the End of the World?

Blogger and researcher Jim Fletcher has worked in the book publishing industry for 15 years, and is now director of the apologetics group Prophecy Matters. His new book, "Truth Wins," provides important analysis of Rob Bell and his Emergent friends.

The first time I drove down to the Dead Sea, I almost ran off the road when acres of palm groves began dotting the barren landscape of the Judean Hills. What is this? I wondered. It was part of my […]

Everyone wants a miracle. People from all walks of life, literally, want a miracle. Some suffer physically, others in relationships. In today’s economy, just getting through each day financially is often a catastrophic undertaking. Some people pray for miracles, others […]

We get it each presidential election cycle: campaign promises that evaporate after the party is over. This year, a particularly annoying promise is again sure to be broken. “I will move America’s embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem!” No, you […]

This coming week, I am privileged to speak at a pro Israel seminar in California. Hosted by my great friend, Pastor Chris Quintana, the event will take place (and be live-streamed) at Calvary Chapel Cypress. Beginning Sunday evening and running […]

The so-called “Christ at the Checkpoint” conference is going on right now in Bethlehem. This of course is the biblical city where Jesus Christ was born. It was also the first seat of government for King David 3,000 years ago. […]

A recent blurb in Relevant magazine underscores some weaknesses of the modern Church. The news item, titled “Did Archaeologists Just Find Evidence of the Real Hezekiah?” tells us that King Hezekiah’s existence is well documented in the Old Testament, but […]

In 2015, a German court convicted a former SS guard at Auschwitz of complicity in the murders of 300,000 people. At 94, the guard admitted his crimes. In the New York Times article about the trial, a remarkable tidbit surfaced: […]

Although even some liberal Bible scholars stab at biblical history, claiming for example that the Exodus account is made-up, or that some of the patriarchs didn’t exist, time and again archaeology has confirmed the Bible’s authenticity. In Jeremiah 43, we […]

About 10 miles northeast of Jerusalem sits the Israeli community of Ma’aleh Michmas. To the international community, this place is a “settlement” (emphasis on the “sssss”). In the Bible, it is mentioned in 1 Samuel, Isaiah, and Ezra. The ancient […]

From almost the beginning, man has been out-of-sync with his Creator. Among other things, we have different views of timing. Humans want things now. Instant gratification. We also want what we want when things get tough. As in, God, please […]

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