Is it the End of the World?

Is it the End of the World?

The Valley of Decision

posted by jfletcher

It’s quaint today, to watch an old movie that speaks to values of yesteryear. It is true that man has always been evil, but today it seems that immorality is out of control.

In the 1945 film, “The Valley of Decision,” Greer Garson’s character listens to a letter written from a nephew, who has gotten into trouble at school for drinking.

In the Victorian era, that was scandalous. But what are we dealing with today?

Before watching the aforementioned film, I was looking for some television news early this morning. The first item from the network show involved yet another school sex scandal. I had to turn the channel. I couldn’t take anymore.

It seemed better to focus on some faded reality, the Greer Garson vehicle for presenting moral decision-making to the public. Sure, it’s Hollywood and sure, it’s even Hollywood Past. But it also speaks to an era that was not awash in vile behavior and narcissism.

The Apostle Paul, in 2 Timothy, outlined for his protege what man would be like in the last days. All his descriptions read like a laundry list from an episode of “Law & Order.” Except this isn’t fiction. It’s real-life.

It remains for each of us to decide whether we participate in evil, or oppose it.

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