Is it the End of the World?

In a few more hours, many of the passengers of Titanic will have unknowingly seen their last hours of sunlight.

For a hundred years, the fate of the “super-ship” has gripped the minds of countless followers of the disaster, and little new can be said of it. Yet, as I think about the disaster—I will drink a toast to all those people at 11:40 tonight—my mind drifts away to those we often don’t think about. And not all of them were human!

A few days ago, a wonderful little article appeared detailing the dozen or so dogs that boarded Titanic. Only three small dogs survived, no doubt bundled under great fur coats wrapped around their masters, as they huddled in white lifeboats on the open ocean.

Impending death, and stories of death, have a way of settling the mind. At a recent Bible prophecy conference (many of the attendees expressed a heavy weariness with this troubled world and life of ours), some got on the subject of where beloved animals “go” after death. My only answer is that in Isaiah 65:25, we read about the restored Earth that the Lord will one day refashion; He tells us that the wolf and lamb will feed together, indicating of course a blissful existence we can today only dream about.

Death is a terror for any creature, and how terrible it must have been for those poor dogs that frigid night.

As to their eventual destination, we can only speculate. We do know however the powerful force of love. Mostly, the Bible tells us explicitly that God alone knows best for His creatures. I am confident in the end, His perfect will wins-out.

QUESTION: Do you believe our beloved animals and pets live on in the next world?

Titanic's most beloved passengers

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