Is it the End of the World?
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Although I am usually shouted-down, if I say so among liberals who support the Palestinians, I have a different view of their drive for statehood. It is a view seen up-close. For some time, those who support Israel have pointed […]

Just some historical detail for you, in light of the drive for statehood by the Palestinians. On the afternoon of May 14, 1948, Jewish Zionist leader David Ben Gurion rose to speak at a theatre in Tel Aviv, steps from […]

At an outdoor mall in Jerusalem this summer, I felt as if I were in a place of limbo. The mall begins just steps from the Old City’s Jaffa Gate, and extends northwestward, into the western part of the city. […]

Since Oslo, when Israel and the Palestinians ostensibly began negotiating for a peaceful solution to their conflict, I have noticed a trend in the West to talk about a place called “Palestine.” Like Shangri-La, it has seemed to be a […]

The issue of statehood for the Palestinians is front-and-center on the global stage right now. This at a time when other major issues are swirling: the global economy, natural disasters, etc. The theme of this blog is that the biblical […]

I’m doing this from memory, but I believe that I read in Sir Martin Gilbert’s epic work, Israel, that the first all-Jewish town (Petah Tikvah) was settled in 1882. This was a watershed event, and one that has huge implications […]

Like everyone else, I have a story. I was coming out of a college class on the morning of September 11, 2001. A student was watching a small television set in the lobby, and as we began to understand that […]

Psalm 122:6 fairy commands us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. This often-battered city, now in the hands of the Israelis, is a focal point for international intrigue. One must ask himself why this is so, but at Prophecy […]

Saeb Erekat, a long-time Palestinian negotiator with the Israelis, said the other day that when the Palestinians go to the UN to seek statehood, the international community will be obliged to get rid of the “occupation.” The latter word is […]

The news that Israel’s embassy has been attacked by Egyptians in Cairo is most distressing, especially considering the peace treaty between the two countries for the past 30 years. In Bible prophecy, Egypt is one of the most prominently mentioned […]