Is it the End of the World?

Is it the End of the World?

Is the World Getting Better?

One of the hallmarks of liberal thought a century ago was that man was improving himself so much that society would get better and better.

Then the butchery known as the Great War commenced. It was followed barely a generation later by the barbarism of European and Asian dictators.

Now, in the Church, there is a sizable segment that believes in what is called “Dominionism,” which is the idea that the Church will grow stronger and stronger, and hand-off the Kingdom on Earth to the returning Christ (whenever that is).

And yet, what are we witnessing? A rising Utopia? Is the world getting better? This goes far beyond the old Reagan line, “Are you better off than you were four years ago?” I would suggest we are watching so much end-times Bible prophecy being fulfilled, it’s hard to keep up with it all!


One of the watershed moments of my life occurred last evening, as I sat with my family to watch a movie. It was then I saw the S&P downgrade of the U.S. credit rating.

Then today we read that the U.S. Postal Service is near default. A few months ago it was awakening to the Japan earthquake that made the world tremble. European countries began discussing the possibility of shutting down some of their nuclear reactors.

And we all know how unstable the world economy is. Or do we?

For generations, Americans lived pretty much the same way. Little changed. Now our entitlement programs are on the verge of collapse, we wonder how we will receive mail, and a thousand other things occupy our minds.

Against this backdrop, the biblical view of society’s eventual collapse stands unshaken.


For example, in the book of Revelation, we read about the so-called “Mark of the Beast,” some type of tracking system humanity will need to engage in regular commerce. We are told it will be a mark in the hand or the forehead.

As Ron Rhodes pointed out on Jan Markell’s radio program today, one of the attractive features of going cashless, for banking systems, is the absence of counterfeit currency. Another is the fact that so many germs ride our dollar bills, electronic banking and commerce would eliminate that threat.

No, if we’re honest, the world is not getting better. It’s getting meaner. More cruel and selfish.

Won’t you consider that the God of the Bible is who He claims to be, and in Him is true peace? You have only to get your hands on a Bible translation you can comfortably read to discover the wonder and majesty of the God who can predict the future.

  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment G, Adams

    ages ago, people believed in Nordic Gods.. Like Thor(read the history)… Had one told them back then, that they DONT exist, the horde would have killed you… Today,, people laugh at Nordic Gods, any God from back then,,, Thinking they were dumb… Imagine, someone told YOU today, GOD does NOT exist… You would be as angry as THEM back then… In 2000 from now, people who actually believed in God, today, WILL be laughed at,, They would even laugh themselves…

    God does NOT exist,…… If he does, then he IS a pervert… Creating folks, who RAPE children etc..


  • http://AddaURLtothiscomment Abambagibus

    Faith in the Transcendent is a most sufficient palliative for the deleterious effects of a morbidly failing world, oftentimes even necessary. But, with much the same effect as the condemnatory negativity of the above ‘worst post’ comment, the sanctimonious exclusivity of some monotheistic species, each declaring itself to be the one true palliative, simply adds to the morbidity of the world. For the superficially faithful especially, the pill they prescribe is simply a placebo, or, for the psychotically faithful, a faithful hallucinogen.

  • kenny beal

    This is one of the worst posts I have ever read. The guy who wrote this is an idiot.

  • Ruth Mossing

    Mr.Jim Fletcher is right, The Signs of the Times are everywhere. Jesus said: “When you See all these Things, Earthquakes, Famines, etc, know ye the End is near, even at the Door.” Until Television, the technology of Science, we could not see things happening in different Nations, so we need to know that the End is near, even at the Door, because we are seeing all of these things, Jesus said would be. His Apostles had asked him what would be the Sign of His coming and of the End of the World, He told them about the tribulations that would be happening, and said when you see all these things, know the end is near. So TV, is the Sign, without it we could not see things happening all over the World. I published a Book, “The Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, by Ruth Mossing, that explains the Good and Evil of this World, and Bible Prophsey. This Tree of Knowledge (Science So Falsely Called, 1st Tim, 6-20) is Ruling the World, The Judgement day is Set, as 2nd Peter said: “This Earth is Reserved unto Fire, against the Day of Judgement, And Perdition (Distruction) of Ungodly Men” They’ve got the Neclear Bombs ready. “Look up the King is Coming” Jesus is not coming back to rule on Earth, like the False Prophets are saying, is is coming back to receive a Kingdom. (Behold He cometh with Clouds and every Eys shall see Him, After the Tribulations of those Days, The Saints will Rise up to meet Him in the Air, and forever be with the Lord. (In the Air, Our New Jerusalem above. The Gift of the Holyghost, according to Acts-2-38, Jesus said the Kingdom of God is within you. This Holyghost will change your Mortal Bodies to Imortal and we will rise up, with the dead in Christ, to meet the Lord in the Air.
    Jesus Christ the Same, Yesterday, Today and Forever. God Bless

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