Is it the End of the World?
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One of my favorite things to do is study Bible prophecy. A fascinating outcome of that is observing that so many people in our world today miss the fact that prophecies are being fulfilled at an astonishing rate. While I […]

We live in turbulent times, for sure. I think we can all agree on that. For many, Bible prophecy is a fringe worldview. That’s okay; we are all entitled to our own views. Yet, with so many odd and frightening […]

Rob Bell, the wildly popular pastor from Grand Rapids, Michigan, has made news lately. His new book, Love Wins, presents a “progressive” view of hell. I don’t want to comment on Bell or his book per se, but rather point […]

There is an interesting “debate” going on within the evangelical Church today, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I wind up on the losing side. In years past, the concept known as “Kingdom Now” was somewhat confined to the Pentecostal […]

My enthusiastic (and unsolicited!) endorsement of Barry Werth’s book, Banquet at Delmonico’s is prompted because it is so relevant to eschatology, the study of “last things.” Christ and the apostles warned regularly that the latter days of history would be […]

Having just returned from Israel, I found NBC’s “Pledge of Allegiance” debacle extra-fascinating. I also just finished reading an absolutely extraordinary book, Banquet at Delmonico’s, by Barry Werth. The visit, NBC, and Werth’s book all dovetailed for me, as I […]

I am reading an extraordinary book, Banquet at Delmonico’s, by Barry Werth, which traces the rise of evolutionary thought in America, in the 19th century. I can’t recommend it enough. As with most things these days, the book reminds me […]

Here’s a fun exercise that you can do in the privacy of your own mind. Get a Bible and read, say, Zechariah 10-14. Perhaps Psalm 83. You might include Ezekiel 36-39. There you should get the strong impression that—if there […]

I often hear the myth that Israel is unsafe, especially for tourists. I know for sure that that is false. A week there sightseeing was a wonderful experience, even with the unrest that is the hallmark of the Arab-Israeli conflict. […]

This is my fifth trip to Israel, and they get better and better. We are perfectly safe, the weather is gorgeous, the food incredible, and the historical sites are other-worldly. Two days ago, Jonathan and I went to Masada, the […]