In the Cards

In the Cards

Order & Chaos: The Major Arcana

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"new moon in libra"

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We have been talking about all kinds of things in my month long Tarot Clinic:

reversed cards, the Tarot numbers, reading pairs and card combinations, interesting spreads from Alejandro Jodorowsky, and delving deep into the Celtic Cross (and more).

This class was inspired by my current obsessions, which include being open to others’ obsessions. That’s how I roll :)

I want to bring to you now an idea that may be sacrilegious in some Tarot circles:

that the Major Arcana cards do not tell a story, and do not have a pattern — not in the way these things are usually understood. There really is no Fool’s Journey. Instead, we have chaos.


Why does this make me smile? I don’t know. It just does.

But also because years ago, when I first got interested in Tarot, I kept trying to understand this STORY that the Tarot books kept telling me existed. This story that was the underpinning. Fool’s Journey. Hero’s Journey. Aunt Millie’s Journey. Now I love a good journey story as much as the next person, but it just didn’t make sense to me and I kept trying to make it make sense.

That we go from… The Fool to the Magician to the Empress to the…  As though it were a traceable understandable series of life stages and graduations IN ORDER. And maybe I misunderstood. Maybe. But I kept trying. And then I gave up. And didn’t revisit the issue until I started reading Yoav Ben-Dov’s book Tarot: The Open Reading. I don’t know Mr. Ben Dov but I shamelessly plug his book because I think it’s wonderful.

Here is one brilliant paragraph:

the cards in the major suit, which express and reflect the infinite complexity of life, can also be thought of as a system on the edge of chaos. They show some degree of order and structure, but also chaotic irregularities and pattern-breaking. Therefore it might be pointless to look for an ultimate structure behind them. The only pattern in the cards is the cards themselves.”

Amen. I can align myself with this. And yet I will also nod my head and smile when other Tarot readers and authors (including myself!) talk about moving from the Devil to the Tower to the Star.

Can we have both? How do you feel about this issue? Are you comfortable with chaos?

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Tarot For Mars In Sagittarius!

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"mars in sagittarius"I knew I wanted to write something astrological today because Mars has recently entered Sagittarius, which feels so different than Mars in Scorpio. Lighter, more hopeful. Not bogged down in Scorpio gunk. Not that I don’t love the Scorpio gunk ;)

The problem with Sagittarius, for some, is its anti-gunk attitude. No bad news please! Don’t ruin the party! Not all Sagittarius individuals are like this but as an energy, Sagittarius flies like an arrow. In fact, the archer is one of its symbols. Keep on moving. Sagittarius, despite its tendency towards distraction and obliviousness, is a long range thinker. But what, if anything, will those thoughts manifest? Plenty. Sagittarius has a reputation for being lucky. I think it’s because they are friendly. Surely one out of those 100 contacts will be able to help them out, right?

Sometimes we need that light touch. I’m a pretty deep person. With a cup of sorrow on the side. And spirituality. A friend of mine last night called me consistent. On a bad day this could be someone who cannot move forward. A lack of fire in my natal chart. I like being serious. I am serious. I love my nature. AND YET. All us Scorpio types (I’m not a Scorpio but I have strong Pluto in my chart) need a little clown every now and then. But that’s the key: “every now and then.”

See, where Mars is transiting your chart for the next month or so is where you will make some AGGRESSIVE LUCK. The potential is there — in part because this Mars will be making benevolent and graceful good aspects to two other planets, two of the big boys, Jupiter and Uranus. It’s a Grand Trine in Fire. I called it a Ring of Fire in my previous post. Whatever you want to call it? It’s GOOD. Be prepared for something electric and exciting to enter your world. Or maybe it will be part of a continuing story and this is the next chapter. I have a good feeling for you. Light a candle on your altar.

Shuffling my cards for you now… and my intention is to discover where your LUCK will be this Mars in Sag season and how to tap in.  And the winner is…


Okay my dears, don’t leave it up to luck at all. Keep working hard for what you want. Luck and hard work together create most fertile garden for you. THE MAGICIAN IS NOT LAZY. That is another low vibration energy of Sagittarius. Lazy. “Leaving the work to others.” Again, not ALL but some, okay? Just like not all Cancers cry a lot. Or all Libra are good-looking ;)

So I think this is really interesting. Not leaving anything up to fate AND YET WE TRUST.  “As above so below” is what we are shown in the Magician card (Rider Waite version). One hand pointing up towards the sky:  that’s his faith and trust. He’s not alone on his quest. And another hand pointing down towards the earth. See, he is pulling the magic DOWN to earth. But it just doesn’t stop there. He creates a circuit. He believes in magic. He makes magic. So very very Sag.

Also interesting to me is that this card is associated with Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) which is the opposite of Sagittarius (and its ruler Jupiter). Mercury is the here and now and Jupiter is the FUTURE. 

The instructions are all there, my friend:  how you achieve your Grand Trine in Fire electric bon bon is by combining these two approaches: keep your mind and hands  in THIS MOMENT doing what needs to be done, but forget not thy VISION and Bigger Picture.

You ARE going somewhere, aren’t you? Mars in Sagittarius and the Magician will help.

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When The Tower Is The Answer (To Your Love Problem)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"new moon in libra"

So I was doing a reading for someone the other day.
And the topic was love.
And the first card was the Tower.
And I said JUMP.
The Tower is a prison until you jump.
Until you change your consciousness.
How do you change your consciousness?
I got the Death card.
Excavation needed.

She said to me:  BUT I AM WORKING SO HARD.

Yeah. Me too. I get it. I know the feeling. When you feel like you’re doing EVERYTHING. You’re taking minerals vitamins meditation  tai chi astrology acupuncture high intensity interval training grass-fed beef psychoanalysis group therapy youtube motivational video brisk walks in the early morning Yanni six glass of water a day Kangen uplifting televisions shows occasional glass of red wine 80% dark chocolate Xanax only when absolutely needed.
And so on.

Still, I felt something remained hidden. And it was a day for blurting out. Transiting Mercury (communication) conjunct my natal Uranus (surprise!).

SOMEONE IS NOT BEING HONEST WITH YOU. Someone on your team is not telling you straight. Someone isn’t telling you the truth ABOUT THIS MATTER OF THE HEART.

"mars in sagittarius"

(And this morning I also saw the Tower. Different client but another question of love.)

Ever drop a contact lens? Super small and fragile and WITHOUT IT YOU CANNOT SEE.

You have to find it.
You have to dig.
Even if you do not know where.
How you know when you’re on the wrong track:  you’re exhausted ALL THE TIME.

So we saw the Tower.
And we saw Death.
But we also saw the ACE OF CUPS:  birth of love YOUR CUP RUNNETH OVER but not without Tower and not without Death.

I’m so so so sorry her path is adorned with the heaviest cards in the Tarot but there is no Tower and no Death without the attending REAWAKENING and who am I to say that this isn’t what is needed?

I would probably punch someone in the face if they told me that the eviction from my apartment this past July was what was needed. Or any number of other recent life events. UGH.

Let me share with you a story. I shared this in my Tarot class earlier today. I watched the first episode of the new COSMOS and it blew my mind. Loved it. And hearing that the universe is infinite – something I don’t usually ponder either way – woke me up.

Then we, too, are infinite, I thought to myself.

"mars in sagittarius"

Astrology this week:
Planet Mars (your energy, drive, desire) leaves secretive Scorpio for sporty Sagittarius on Saturday. We come up from the morbid underground, Pluto’s terrain. We come up and we look around. We are ready for adventure and room to roam! Sagittarius rules horses. Go for a ride!

Best of all: later this month and into October, Mars in Sagittarius makes sweet love to Jupiter in Leo and Uranus in Aries giving us a GRAND TRINE in FIRE.

This will benefit us all but especially the Suns Moons and Risings of the fire signs. We will feel more hopeful, cheerful, ready, energetic, optimistic, magnetic, lucky. Please note that these are not easy planets. Well, Jupiter is our good luck charm but Mars? Mars rules violence. And Uranus? Uranus is an instigator. And yet they will be cooperating and creating this ring (triangle) of fiery inspiration and courage that is available to you all.

Love, Aliza

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And A Dolphin For You: Full Moon in Pisces (Sept 8th)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in pisces" The Full Moon in Pisces is on Monday.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

-it can be hard to find your balance on Full Moon day and even for a couple days before or after. The Sun and the Moon are in opposition to each other. The tendency is to see-saw between Sun and Moon, light and dark. You may fight with yourself or others. Or lock yourself in your room and weep because the energies are so overwhelming. And everything may be FINE in reality — it just becomes one of those days.

-a Full Moon is the brightest Moon of the Moon Cycle. We may go extreme Pisces or extreme Virgo. The Poet vs the Critic. The Surfer vs. the Secretary. And yet I urge you to seek the balance between. An example of this? Clean up your house (or some part of your life) but in an inspired, compassionate way. Not being self-critical, but not living in denial either. Seeing clearly, with love. Can you dust the bookshelves without hating that you don’t have time to do it perfectly? Can you let go of being so hard on yourself? 

-there may be NEWS!  Revelations. Epiphanies. Decisions. LIGHT. And even MORE LIGHT. What you thought was hidden comes out to play. Dancing bears. Dancing moon bears :)

-figure out how this Full Moon will affect you by learning how to read your natal chart. I do this for a living. A couple years ago I used to do Mini-Moon Readings which were little predictive snapshots of how I thought the Full Moon would affect folks. Because the FM is in Pisces, you look to the Pisces house of your chart, first and foremost, and then track the aspects it makes to the other planets.

-Full Moons can be very emotional times. I would delay making any firm hard decisions around the Full Moon unless you have wise counsel. I issue this warning for THIS Full Moon in particular because it’s in Pisces and Pisces is ruled by Neptune and Neptune rules, yes, confusion, illusion, and delusion.

-How to make this (or any) Full Moon special:

Truth is, the first thing I do is keep it in mind. I don’t forget the timing. I stay aware that I may be more emo. And then I examine my chart and look for good or challenging aspects. I think about my life. Where I’m at. Where I want to go. I’m not much of a social butterfly these days but some folks have Full Moon drum circles and other events. That’s one option. I may light a candle or two. Take a special Full Moon bath. I may clean the house in honor of the Full Moon (the Sun is in healthy Virgo after all!). I keep it simple but I stay aware. Have a special meal even, a Full Moon meal. You may indulge in round foods for the round moon! Foods that you associate with Neptune. Perhaps a hearty soup! Neptune rules liquids.

Some may consider this Full Moon as culmination of the recent New Moon or as culmination of previous lunations, including Eclipses. I don’t always go that far back in time but I admit I have a lot of Virgo in my chart! I see the trees and not always the forest ;)

We often speak of New Moon intentions because the New Moon is the new start, seed time, beginning, but Full Moons are perfect for setting intentions around what you want to let go. This is also perfect for a Pisces Full Moon because Pisces is ruled by Neptune and “Neptune dissolves.”  This is a common phrase in astrology circles, speaking to the fact that Neptune’s energy is one of dissolution, disappearance, washing away.  I know I know that sounds kind of creepy ;) but think about it —  if you are under the influence of some bad bad habit you can resolve to release it on Monday and just let it float away from you. Flush it.

Here is your Full Moon advice (shuffling cards to find just the right one for you…)

It’s the King of Cups! And one of my favorite interpretations for this card is the need to WITHHOLD emotion. To keep your passions to yourself. Rein it in. The King of Cups isn’t spilling his cup or spilling his feelings. He feels, but he’s got it under wraps. He’s got a Kingdom to run and dolphins to deal with, one hand on his hip, and he’s looking pretty spiffy. I wouldn’t try to draw any big scenes out of him. I wouldn’t push. I think this is perfect for what looks like to be an emotional Full Moon. Stand tall and proud and in full mastery of your world. Don’t let anyone get your goat. People may try to push your buttons, but you can handle them with grace and calm.

Love, Aliza

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We Fall Like Leaves: Meditation On The Ten Of Wands

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in pisces" Truth is I had my doubts. They’d been dating on line for how long? A year? More? She didn’t want to meet. He did. He was ready. She wasn’t. And then a slew of health problems delayed it even more. But he stood by her (virtually), loyal and true.

And I’d done readings for this gentleman a few times in the last six months and as I type here I truly cannot remember what I’ve told him. I tend to forget what I tell people except in rare circumstance or if I work with someone a lot over time. But this morning I was finishing up an email reading for him and I believe they will likely meet soon-ish, before year’s end, and he was asking me about the future.

“What should I be thinking about going forward?”

Other questions preceded this one and I answered them one by one, in his email, in between his words, as is my habit. And then I drew for the question above (using only upright cards).

First, the Ten of Wands. He is a widower and for the first time in many years (over 20 years?) he is getting urges to pack up his dear wife’s belongings and put them out of view. I was using the Connolly deck and couldn’t help but notice the beautiful fall imagery and the lone figure… burying? Planting.

I suggested that it was time to bury the past and I suggested a ritual. I also wondered if it might be best that he PLANT something. So something new could grow from the past. His new relationship. And symbolically put his relationship from 20 years ago to rest. Let it rest.

And then — how wonderful — I drew the Fool.  How wonderful for a man, not a young man anymore, embarking on a new romantic-love-committment adventure with his Lady. New beginnings.

"full moon in pisces" I realized that both cards were really saying the same thing, two sides of the same hopeful coin.

This is one way to let the burdens of the past go– I see fall is a hard time for you, above and beyond the anniversaries — it’s just… a lonely-feeling kind of time but also poetic. Bury what is gone. Time to bury the past. But I do like the idea of burying something that will also grow anew — in a new form.

Also, and a great card here — free yourself. It’s hmmm I drew two different cards here but it’s the same message really… about freeing yourself from everything that has held you back — for so long. Taking a chance. Taking an adventure. Taking a risk. Being open to life. To doing things differently. To approaching life with a song. To be a little less Virgo :) To leap. To live. New beginning. Idealistic. Allowing yourself this. To feel foolish again.

It’s in two parts. First the Ten of Wands. Finish Line. End of Cycle. Then comes the Fool — being open to life. Moving on — getting unstuck — is not the same as abandonment.

I have high hopes for this couple. Maybe I’ll even dance at their wedding :)

Love, Aliza

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I Am The Queen Of Swords (Meditations on the Tarot Queens Part 1)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in pisces" How much pain can you bear comfortably? Hmm. Comfortably is a weird word here, isn’t it. Apparently I can bear a fair amount of mental pain. Assimilate it. Integrate it. Learn from it. Teach from it. I have a Moon Pluto conjunction in Virgo in my natal chart (in my First House). You astrology fans know what means!

And eventually there comes a time where you just sit there — you sit there — in shock at your… strength? Stupidity? Ability to bear.

I decided to look up “bear” on my MacBook Air dictionary and found some interesting stuff. Dictionaries are full of poetry.

-the warriors bore lances tipped with iron 
-have or display as a visible mark or feature 
-she bore herself with DIGNITY 

-to bear = to support 
-to bear  = to endure (she bore the pain stoically. I do not bear stoically. But I do bear.) 
a large heavy mammal :)

Context:  So I was doing a quick three card spread for myself this evening on a very important matter. Always good to do those “simple” three card spreads on what matters most, eh?

On the left? The matter at hand. 
On the right? Me. 
In the middle? The energy between

"full moon in pisces" I’m not going to give you the entire spread but I will share this:

I am the QUEEN OF SWORDS here– a card associated with mourning (as my teacher taught me).

Oh yes.

I opened up one of my Rachel Pollack books and read this brilliant  line:

She knows that without her commitment to truth, she has nothing.

What do you bear? How do you bear? Which Queen are you today?

Love, Aliza

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Aliza’s “Figure It Out Before Nightfall” Tarot Spread

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in pisces" In one of my chat rooms this morning (I run a couple private astrology/tarot/metaphysical chat rooms) a gal pulled a few Tarot cards for herself, which is her habit every morning. There were a bunch of Swords (mental conflict, thought, communications) in the spread and one thing that came to mind for me, about her cards, was that she needed to look away.

You’ll figure it out before nightfall I said. I felt that she was worried about something, but that there was another issue below that top level worry. The Swords and the mind-churn were masking.

Here is a short Tarot spread inspired by that conversation. This spread is for the following situations:

-when you feel anxious and your mind won’t rest
-when you have a problem you want to solve, with or without a deadline
-when you crave peace of mind and you know you can find it
-when you crave peace of mind and aren’t sure how to find it

I also want to bring up an astrology topic while I have your attention :) the North Node is in Libra.

The North Node, for all of us, is where we need to focus, to make steady increments, in our lives — thus it is GOOD for us to focus on Libra themes such as…

-peace of mind (seeking it, helping to create it)
-harmonious living in your household
-creating symmetry in what you see around you (yes, match your socks please)
-cooperation, compromise, working with others, working well with others, not being a loner
-the Temperance card i.e. mixing goals/people to create a larger better goal/purpose
-realizing that you need other people
-mending fences, making peace, using sugar not hot sauce to get your point across.

Libra is not messy. Do not be messy. And I just don’t mean on the outside. They say Virgo is the perfectionist of the zodiac but ever notice that Libra NEEDS TO MATCH?

I am bringing up the North Node in Libra because I think she will help you figure it out by nightfall.

In other words, tend to the EXTERIOR (Libra = style, surface, art) and while you are busy doing that, the deeper parts of who you are who need answers… like elves they will be working behind the scenes. Little craftsmen and women helping you put it all together.

I am choosing a FOUR card spread because the FOUR is stable, like a table. Four legs, no wobbling please.

Draw the first three cards, consecutively, as usual. You draw the fourth card after nightfall.

Card One : the supposed matter (illusion)
Card Two: the real matter (truth)
Card Three: recommended advice-assignment for the day (DO THIS)
Card Four: what you need to know most about this matter

Card Four is not an outcome card. This is not an outcome spread. This spread has a different desire. 

"full moon in pisces" Other instructions:
-use only UPRIGHT cards (no reversals, please) 
-perform this spread in the middle of the night when you cannot sleep or in the early morning, upon waking
-wash your hands, brush your teeth, have half a glass of water (or other morning beverage) before commencing
-okay to do the spread while still in your pajamas as long as you feel fresh 
-once you do the spread, take a look and then leave the cards out to refer to later (during the day if you wish) or write the spread down if you cannot leave your cards out
-after nightfall DRAW THE FOURTH CARD

I do realize that I’ve called this spread BEFORE NIGHTFALL and we don’t pull the last card until after nightfall and I kept using different prepositions in this blog post, but I’m quirky like that :)

Love, Aliza

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The Trouble With Tarot Is Trust

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in pisces" You know what? I don’t even know what I mean by that. The trouble with Tarot is trust.

I was reading Yoav Ben-Dov’s Tarot book on the ferry and taking notes on post-its — for the on-line Tarot class that I’m teaching, as well as taking notes for future blog posts and I wrote that phrase:

The trouble with Tarot is… trust.

My notes provided no helpful clues. “Querents don’t want… THIS.”

Don’t want WHAT?

I had a Tarot mystery on my hands — of my own making! 

Some notes that I had written below provided a little more. Not sure how it connected, but more nonetheless. This is how I move from tool/work to spiritual experience. 

Lately I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out. Not burnt out by working with clients, but tired from the striving, trying to build a career, maintaining a career, confused about direction, and other questions too. For you astrology lovers, Neptune is square my MidHeaven. I’m just not sure about a lot of things. And I also realized that I’d lost… I don’t know if the word is pride. But pride fits too! Pride in my accomplishments along with a loss of zest. Juice. I was not feeling at all zaftig. Experiencing a kind of complacency. Minor depression maybe. Exhaustion. After all, we moved less than two months ago and I’m still getting used to the new everything.

So I was thinking to myself how Tarot is more tool for me than anything — a divination tool yes, but… a piece of work. A piece of the work. And I have this desire to… switch that up. Because I miss the magic. So I read. I read books. I do classes. I take classes. Trying to inspire myself. Sometimes we need to do less. Sometimes we need to do more. Wisdom is knowing the difference.

And then I noticed, opposite my post-it, some lines I had underlined in my book and had written the word TRUST in bold ink beside that section… and AHA. I think I know now, in part, what I was getting at.

I was telling ME to trust. 

See, in the underlined section, the author is talking about how a Tarot card will develop in meaning even DURING a Tarot reading. And I have experienced this. About a week ago I did a reading and I felt flummoxed by these two cards and I even felt embarrassed.  I mean, here I am, the professional but I was afraid to say:  hey… I KNOW there is somehing else here that I’m not getting yet. I’ll email you when it comes to me. And even though I was afraid to say that I DID say that. And it was true. And the first meaning wasn’t wrong. The first feeling wasn’t wrong. But there was more. There was more I had to give over.

The trouble with Tarot is trust. That we DON’T trust. 

It’s a tricky business. No reader is 100% correct although I’ve been told I am right a lot. I’ve been doing this for a while now. You just get better by the doing. Another way it’s tricky is that even I get Tarot readings and sometimes get news that I do NOT want to hear and I go into a tailspin. It is so so so so so important how you deliver what you get from the cards — honesty plus kindness plus anxiety-avoidance. Hold their hand and if need be, STOP the reading. Step outside the reading. Break rapport. If there is an upsetting outcome, discuss how it can possibly be avoided. Be supportive.

“Even at a single moment in the reading, a card can have more than one valid meaning.” (Pg 38, from Ben-Dov’s book).

Love, Aliza

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The Open Reading (Topics in Tarot)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"wheel of fortune tarot card meaning Aliza Einhorn"I want to share with you a little Tarot spread that I shared in the Tarot class this morning (and yes, you can still join us. My email is at the end of this post if you want more information).

I got this spread from my astrology teacher some years ago. You pull one card on the left. Another card on the right. And a card in the middle. What we are doing is “checking the energy between.”

How does he feel about me?

Left side: you
Right side: him
Middle: !!!!! THE ANSWER. The Energy Between.

Now of course each of the cards will give you information but I do tend to privilege the middle card (unless I’m being guided otherwise). It’s important to stay open — which leads me to another point.

In the Tarot class I’m going to be talking about the “open reading” — as given by Yoav Ben-Dov  in his wonderful book Tarot: The Open Reading.

In such readings, we don’t introduce frameworks before we pull. We wait and see. It might be a past, present, future spread. It might be the querent and two options on either side.

Truth is I like to work with both kinds of Tarot reading — precise intricate spreads and a more open style. In fact, when I first started reading Tarot, it was mostly “open” for me. I had some card-meaning background (from a few classes and a book) but otherwise I let my intuition fly.

This is the approach that I’ll be suggesting in class. I think it’s fabulously fun to read great Tarot authors and learn who thought what, but then to empty your head (remain open) once the cards and the querent are before you. Sound challenging? And I’m only just scratching the surface here, but that’s the gist.

I don’t think there is a “right” way to do this work; instead, we have preferences.

Have you tried the Open Reading? 

P.S. Are you interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? I have a new Special going on for folks who find me through Beliefnet, a discount on my usual rates. Click here to get in touch. Also, Tarot class forming later this month! Email for details.

Feed Your Horses: New Moon In Virgo

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"new moon in virgo" I got a Tarot reading the other day and the last card she pulled for me was the Chariot.

When you see the Chariot, you know it’s a YES.

As Rachel Pollack writes: the Chariot is the first of three Victory cards. Here the Victory is over the outer challenges of life…”

The New Moon in Virgo is this Monday. A New Moon is a new chance, and a New Moon in Virgo can be a new chance with your health or at work. Virgo is associated with these areas of life. A New Moon in Virgo wants to clean up the chaos. Pisces, Virgo’s opposite sign, rules chaos. Confusion. Virgo is the Harvest. With Virgo we separate — we separate what nourishes from what nauseates.

In some Tarot decks, the Chariot driver’s sphinxes (as depicted in the classic Rider Waite) are, instead, horses. And my reader said to me: feed your horses. Focus on where you want to go. Bring those horses back — when you lose focus — bring those horses back and feed them, water them, take care of them. 

And I thought about this New Moon being a Chariot, passage from one place to another, all under the wishful dark of the New Moon. Nothing is certain yet. Nothing is told. But you begin.

I recommend you create your own ritual, on this New Moon in Virgo (which does have some rather painful and wonky aspects to it). Why? To mark time. To hope. To promise to try. To listen. This is what we humans DO. We keep track, like the solitary Virgo (of the Hermit card), always with the ledger and the lamp, always calculating: what must go, what must stay, and how to create order among the chaotic harvest of our lives. Look at what you’ve grown. Don’t look away. Please don’t look away.

You can be in the storm and still do your work on the ground — lists, what’s next, one thing at a time. That’s from an email my sister sent me. And then I had my own revelation: not just about the New Moon in Virgo but about painful transits or painful cards, when you don’t get the Chariot and all you see is the Devil, the Tower, and the Hanged Man (three she pulled for herself the other day!)

I wrote this to a friend in need: sometimes when we come to God with a big problem, the miracle he brings us not only matches the size of the so-called problem, but exceeds it. And so it shall be.

Happy almost New Moon in Virgo. May your Chariot arrive on time.

I am teaching an on-line Tarot class, beginning later this month and running for a full month — in a Secret group on Facebook, which is where I hold all my classes. This isn’t a “beginner” class per se. We are starting in the middle and will be discussing, among other things, theories of Reversed cards — to reverse or not to reverse; off-the-beaten path card meanings, including from Kabbalistic perspective; particular cards that vex you and me; as well as creating our own virtual Mini-Tarot!

Because we meet on Facebook, you can go at your own pace. No pressure to talk at all, but all my classes are discussion based and I love a lively group! (But no pressure)

So if my blog posts have piqued your curiosity, please message me for more details. You don’t have to be an expert OR a novice — just have an interest. Or a passion. Or an obsession!!

P.S. Are you interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? I have a new Special going on for folks who find me through Beliefnet, a discount on my usual rates. Click here to get in touch. Also, Tarot class forming later this month! Email for details.

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