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"venus in pisces" I was praying. Really, I was praying. Out loud. Something like this:


I didn’t even mean good in terms of Good News but one that I hadn’t seen lately or one that would be fun to write about.

Nine of Cups guy: he’s not going to let you down. He’s got Nine Cups of what you need. Taste one and then taste another, until you’ve sipped each nectar.

The other day I was writing about the Two of Swords. Blindfolded she, and guarding her heart.

And now He with his arms across his chest but heart is open. If you were sitting next to him, you could touch it. You could put your ear against it. Hear it. His body likes your body, O Querent, but there is no longing here. The deal has been sealed. That’s why he looks so happy. At you. This card is pure gift. Count your blessings when you see it because you have many to count, far more than Nine. Nine is an illusion.

They call this the Wish card. Wish Come True card. Feeling pleased, feeling pleasure. Some say he looks smug but maybe after all these years, you deserve it, a little swagger.

For the astrologically interested:

Venus entered Pisces today. Venus is blessing the Pisces sector of your chart, joining Mars (and Neptune and Chiron). It will square Saturn in Sagittarius, just as Mars did — which is another reason to love seeing the Nine of Cups today: because Venus square Saturn is the antithesis of ease in matters of heart and desire. Venus square Saturn sets up a false limit. You believe you aren’t enough. Aren’t good, pretty, worthy enough.

I want to caution you: do not take any somber moods to heart or any self-esteem dips to heart this week.

If you want to work with Venus Saturn magic, here’s a thought:

Saturn, in astrology, is structure. Saturn rules bones and skin: the stuff that hold you up, holds you in, keeps you together, protects you.

Venus is your love nature. Venus, among other things, rules apricots and apples and bouquets and nectar and peaches and perfume and roses and swans and suitors and…

A square between two planets, in general, reveals tension or tightness, strain, pressure, even restlessness. Ill at ease.

When Venus and Saturn are squaring, we may not feel we can express our love or our sexuality or our desire. We inhibit our roses and swans.

So one thing you can do is create a structure. This will make serious Saturn happy. Create a structure for your heart, for your art, for your desire. A structure for your roses and swans. This will make Venus happy. Sew something. What is that you say? Can’t sew? Me neither. But there are other ways.

What that structure should be is up to you and your Venus, but with Venus transiting Pisces I’d say there really is no limit. Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House represent (among other things) the mighty merge. Example: the ocean. Can you separate the waves? You cannot separate the waves. You are not separate from the ocean. Just like you cannot separate the kiss of true lovers.

This truth that I have just presented to you is the limit itself, the fear. In other words: the knowledge that you really can have what you want and being okay with that.

Wishing you good cards xx


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"full moon in leo"

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

I like this one.
Far as Swords go, I like this one.

Calm. Stable. Calm stable woman. Big Heavy Sword. Two of ’em. Balance, balanced. Doesn’t need to see. It’s not that she’s been blindfolded. I mean, she has. But that’s not the important part to me. The important part is that she DOES NOT WANT TO SEE.

We could see it as:

she is not permitted, but I am going to go with her agency here. She chose this. She chooses not to choose. Or chooses not to see. Not to know. That’s okay. She’s guarding her heart. I guess she needs to. And yes those swords do look heavy but she’s still, Full Moon still. Raging water.

Don’t even TRY, she says. Don’t try to decide for me. Don’t try to coax or cajole or coerce. I’m just gonna sit RIGHT HERE on this stone slab RIGHT HERE under the Full Moon in front of the water, right where I belong, alone. I belong alone now. I like being alone. I need being alone. I have long dreamed of nights like this. I come out here just for this. To sit, without seeing, without knowing, letting go my need to see and to know, under the light of the moon. It smells… amazing. What is there to see, anyway? When I can smell the water and smell the moon, my closed heart like a fist. You think you know me. But I don’t even know me. That’s why I sit here. That’s what I know. Noli me tangere.

I take this card as good advice. When you don’t know what to do, do this. Nothing. Sea. Silently. At all.

Wishing you good cards xx


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"mercury retrograde in aquarius" That you are running away. That you are running away from. That you must run. And then I take a closer look and. He’s walking. She’s walking. He/she has a walking stick. This is not a run. This is… thoughtful. Thoughtfulness leave-taking thoughtful not a scamper no.

We learn, when confronted with this card, that there is melancholy, even a tough choice, and I mean: look at those cups. They look good, buddy! Pretty and probably full! Zaftig cups and look at you just look at you walking away with your walking stick.

BUT CLEARLY of course there are times in life when we have to walk away, the Full Moon above our heads and the chaotic clouds and the mountain the color of fire (is it a volcano?) portends, perhaps, walkabout.

He doesn’t look back and neither should you. You can keep the cups there. Nothing bad will happen to them. But I think you know this already. Or you would not have left them to fend for themselves. They may provide nourishment for human or animal wandering. They may tell a story of their own. Long story, short story. Each cup its own story.

One thing is for certain: when you see the Eight of Cups, you must go. You are going. You’re gone. What remains is yours but not yours. The animals who wander, the people who wander this particular stretch of Tarot landscape have been dreaming of this ocean for a long time now. Finishing up and moving on. That’s you. So thank you. Thank you for watering the earth.

Wishing you good cards xx

"new moon in aquarius"

(Photo Source: Wikimedia)

I am bummed. I am missing my meditation class. Just too much to do today and something about the weather. I know snow is coming and it just feels frigid and lonely to me. The air feels lonely. I didn’t want to take mass transportation (buses, ferries, trains) and feel all that freezing lonely.

I’ve got candles going for the New Moon in Aquarius but my intention is a bit loose and free. It’s a good New Moon, harmonious with Saturn, the Teacher, the Wise One.  One pink, one white, one golden yellow, and each has a reason to be on my altar.  Should I have written on the candles, sealed my hopes and wishes?

Had a conversation with a friend today who was telling me he doesn’t set intentions or resolutions — that they are empty promises, setting yourself up for failure. I feel differently though. To me they are like flags. There is nothing wrong with a flag. Flags are neutral. Sure there are flags we don’t like to see but what is a flag underneath the intention and the ideal? Something that will stand up to the weather.

That’s us. We’re strong. We stand up. To the weather.

Today’s Tarot is the Judgement card. I tend to see this card as good news, as YES, rebirth, awakening, absolution, beginning, hearing the angel’s call, waking up!

The Major Arcana cards show us the cycles in our lives. Fate. Stuff we can’t get out of. Like astrological transits of the outer planets. These cards aren’t concerned with he said, she said. They aren’t necessarily concerned with your money or your food or your good looks. They are concerned with YOUR LIFE, Big Picture.

I suddenly see my life before me and behind me, and I am turning over cards for each lifetime, each card showing me the essence. Imagine that:  in one lifetime you can experience continual rebirth. Sounds exhausting I think. Because the endless rebirth assumes a Pluto-heavy chart, lots of loss and Death card and Tower card. Thanks for the Redemption, but I’d rather have a latte 😉

Still, it’s a good card for the New Moon because New Moons are the dark Moons when we do our magic in secret, in the hidden rooms, in the corner there, where the ghosts are hanging out. (Damn they look good. I got some good looking ghosts in this apartment!)

The Judgement card reassures us — that our magic made in secret this night shall bear beautiful fruit worthy of angels, with trumpets no less!

Did you set New Moon intentions?

Wishing you good cards xx


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"mercury retrograde" Aces, I think, are usually good news. Wands, fairly often, good news. Suit of PASSION and fiery red! And as I am fond of saying: Aces are POTENTIAL and possibility. Not a done deal, nope. An Ace is a maybe of opportunity, not a guarantee. A good start though, yes.

In the Palladini deck, a hand reaches out from clouds holding the Wand (or Rod). Flowers and leaves sprout at the top. Night and day in one card: starry skies and cool blue mountain streams.

This card can foretell (depending on the context) sexual desire or fertility or pregnancy or new creative projects or vitality returning, but really it depends, as always!

One thing is for sure: when you see the Ace of Wands, you’ve got a green light so you may as well GO. 

How has your year been so far? We’re halfway through January. Have your 2015 resolutions slipped away? Did you make any? I admit, mine have shifted focus already. I’ve got new projects underway and it feels like… some things that were so important to me, just a few weeks ago, are already fading (eventually to resurface I’m sure). I’m going with it.

Mercury goes retrograde next week in air sign Aquarius so expect… the unexpected!!! Aquarius is “ruled” by the planet Uranus and expect the unexpected is one of Uranus’ common key phrases.

Here is where I think the Ace of Wands could potentially possibly help you. If you feel that already you’ve misplaced something that matters, the retrograde period could bring it back to you: lost love, lost keys, lost passion, lost poetry, lost soul.

Was that one of your New Year’s resolutions too? To get your love key passion poem soul back? Yeah, me too.

Wishing you good cards xx 

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"new moon in aquarius" Hmmm. Hmmm says the Four of Cups. The right to refuse. The I don’t wanna. That’s how we see many renditions of this card, but not always, and here I was hoping for a fun card, a sexy card. Nope! The Four of Cups ain’t that. But we’ll work with what we got.

Cups are water, Cups are FEEEEEEEEELINGS. The Four is stable, not going anywhere, just like this Four of Cups mood. Could be depression, inertia. Shoulder shrug. Eh.

Look a little closer (I am looking at the Connolly deck) and we see an Angel. A delivery angel. A UPS angel. Angel’s got a cup, same size as the other three. A GOBLET!  The goblet is bigger than the angel’s arm.

Is said angel preparing to anoint you? To hit you on the head? To give a present because you only have three and four is a set? What’s in this cup and is it different than the others? Poison? Remedy? Potion? Love elixir? Fountain of youth!!!!!!!

That’s you, right there, looking straight ahead. We’re not sure if you see the angel or are ignoring the angel but one thing is certain: the angel IS there. The angel is real. Please know that YOU HAVE AN ANGEL when you pull this card.

We have a wonderful New Moon coming on Tuesday, January 20th, in Air sign Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, the container, vessel, cup! How perfect to have drawn this card then. The angel is the cup-bearer here, water-bearer, messenger, message of hope. What’s in the cup? See? Hope is in the cup but you aren’t sure you want it. You don’t want to look. Maybe there’s a dragon in there. Something bad. Maybe you’ve been to the Seven of Cups before (Google it!) and you know what awaits you mere numbers from now!

And it’s not that the Four of Cups is hopeless, it’s that you’ve gotten somehow stuck like a message in a bottle. The New Moon can wake you up. That’s what Uranus does, Aquarius’ ruler, with its sudden shocking dance moves! If you know someone (or you yourself!) having a wild time these days, life-wise, quite possible they are under a Uranus transit, God of the Erratic, the Eccentric, Futuristic, and seemingly mis-matched.

"new moon in aquarius" Truth is though, these things had to happen anyway. Uranus teaches us that our free-will is limited and the paws of God are all over our face.

No one WANTS to see the Four of Cups, not really. We want to see WORLD and STAR and EMPRESS and Six of Wands and Ten of Pentacles and Three of Cups and… so on. But life is more than the peak experience. Life is also eh and regret and feeling stupid and not seeing the angel in your garden.

Tarot can show us what we’re missing.

Wishing you good cards xx

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Eight of Pentacles

(Photo source: Free Photos Gallery)

I like the number eight. A most fleshy and yet otherworldly number. Turned on its side, it’s the lemniscate, the infinity symbol. Straight up, it’s an hourglass.

You can make love to an eight and… I don’t think you can say the same necessarily about a seven or a four, for example. Even though the eight is closed, it invites us in to its no-beginning-no-end-forever-and-ever medicine. Drink. Meditate on the eight if you want to know where you are. You are somewhere along the curve.

Now, I pulled this card from my WildWood Tarot deck, which I love, but then I didn’t want to talk about the man in the cave and his stone carvings. Something sad about him and something detached about the Rider Waite image. Or maybe I’m just more used to it: the worker bee working away. I always think he’s a shoemaker for some reason. My eye singles out his red stocking and funny brown bootie. Hammer about to strike nail, plink plink plink. Row of Pentacles complete. One more to go. He is the master of detail. He is Truly Virgo. But what exactly is he making? Money? Occult symbols for the masses? What do these Pentacles mean?

In Tarot, the Pents are the Earth suit. Reality. Here and now. Work, money, health. Building. Results. Pentacles are not feelings and not thoughts and not passions. They are steady and sturdy and solid and in the doing. Process. Progress. Caution, possibly slow-moving. The Eight of Pentacles is infinitely working which is a scary thought when you think about it.  One number later and we reach the luxurious nine: woman, vineyard, bird of prey as pet.

The Eight of Pentacles is your card of deeeep focus. We see city in the background but he does not. One. More. Pentacle. Then quitting time. There is nothing sensual about this scene, nothing sensual about the daily grind. It’s not supple or supreme. We must graduate to stately Nine to get at pleasure and grapes, to get the gift, but, please, do not think he is unhappy for he is not unhappy even in his infinite work. It is us who want to flee the workbench scene, want it done, the job complete — but without the Eight we cannot reach Nine or Ten, which then integrates Ace One Two Three Four Five Six Seven Eight Nine into a perfect……

I decide to pull one more card. What happens, Tarot, after the Eight? Tarot has a sense of humor today. The Hanged Man. A card I pulled for a young Scorpio earlier today. After the Eight? We wait.

Wishing you good cards 

"saturn in sagittarius"Today I return to the Empress. Here are parts One and Two and Three so you can catch up.

And this may be my last Empress post for now. I can’t keep away from her for long. She matters too much.

Things are going interestingly on my new YouTube channel. I am doing monthly Tarotscopes for all the astrological signs. Today a viewer suggested I make weekly videos and I agree that would be a good thing — but a lot more work. Maybe I’ll start a Patreon.

This morning one of the cards for Scorpio was Empress. I was seeing lots of up and down emotions for Scorpio. Peak experiences. Peak experiences of joy and possibly peak experiences of sorrow. Or perhaps worry. I saw Chariot and I saw Empress, among others. Chariot is on the move but Empress sits still. Thus was my advice overall for Scorpio in January — that when you feel rocked? Sit down.

Empress is a creatrix yes but she does it from her seat of power, not frantic. Royal.

How to attain without trouble? Take the Royal Road says Empress.

Many are still recovering from Full Moon weekend. It was a doozy, yes!  Full Moon in Cancer creating a Cardinal Grand Cross which in plain English means… I can’t think of anyone who wasn’t on edge, at least a little bit. Today’s Moon in Leo is a sigh of relief. It’s a slow week astrologically which gives us a chance to recover.

What you need to know about Empress before we say farewell to her, for now:

whether or not she has a dime in the bank, she is rich. Whether or not she has had a baby, she is mother. Even if she is a city dweller, she dwells in the forest and the river and the body earth mother mother earth body body. She is pleasure abundance nourishing enjoying earthy outdoors woman giving and receiving pleasure and abundance and earth and body, giving birth PASSION AND JOY!

To what do you give birth? 

Wishing you good cards xx

"full moon in in cancer"

(Photo Source: Flickr)

Thus we continue with our continuing story of the Empress and Empress blogs, forsaking news of tomorrow’s Full Moon in Cancer although Empress and Full Moon and Cancer are all pregnant with possibility fertility creativity roundness fullness expectant beautiful.

Hmm. Perhaps we should not forsake or forego at all but dive in. Tick tock. Dive in we shall.

Catch up here and here with earlier Empress blogs and stories of shamanic experience and psychic night flight.

Who is this mighty Empress I speak of?  She is Number Three Major Arcana, following Fool. Magician, and High Priestess. I decided to write a series on Empress because she played such prominent role in a reading/consulta that I recently received. Yes, I give them and get them. Empress my obsession. Living from Empress mind and body, not Page of Swords for example. Meaning what? The Page is a messenger yes but also a child, eternal student and apprentice. There are higher ranks from which to live. She has much to teach me.

Empress, like Full Moon, is grace, full bloom, ripe, heart-shaped, generative, Goddesses of Love. She is rich. She is harvest, abundant, belly, mother of nature, and nature herself. Empress does not question whether she is Empress.

And yet, I feel, all of it comes from within. It’s not the face or the body seen through the eyes, and it’s not a projection from outside. It’s all in the blood. That’s my metaphor of choice this evening. I bought a bottle of red wine and blogged about it, about the longing for a passionate life in 2015, red and ripe and rich and Empress joy.

I wish you a Happy New Year, my friends. I wish you an Empress year. I wish you a Full Moon of good news and revelation.

And I wish you good cards xx

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"empress tarot card meaning"Our series on the Empress tarot card continues thusly, revelations from this morning’s ferry boat ride. But, first, a story:

In my previous post (the link is here) I discussed a reading I got the other day which was part Divination (from the Tarot) and part Shamanic Journey. It was exciting for me to hear my shaman call on his spirit helpers, and that night, or maybe it was the next day, I began to assemble my own court of helpful creatures and guides. It felt like the most natural thing in the world to me.

Truth is, I was supposed to begin learning how to journey that very day, but the two or three previous days had left me feeling frazzled (an understatement and not quite accurate but good enough for our purposes here). What I wanted from my healer-teacher was clarity and cleansing. And I did get it. And I wound up learning an awful lot about shamanism in the process, from our conversation and from my own observation.

If you are a Reader-in-Training of any variety, one of the best things you can do for yourself is to GET readings from others, whatever your interest is.

I look forward to working with Oak. I have dogs that help me, dogs I’ve known, who have since passed on. Other animals too (which reminds me I need to get a bone or two for my dog helpers. To say thank you.) I have a group of Jewish “Goddesses” as well. Yes, I know Judaism (my upbringing) doesn’t have “Goddesses” like other religions do, but it also felt natural to me — to ask Rachel and Ruth to journey with, for, me.

But I am looking forward to working with Oak. Which leads us back to Empress — because “Earth Mother” is a phrase we see in association with Empress. The earth as she grows. Root Woman. Green Woman.

I was on the ferry boat this morning and thought to myself:  the Empress first and foremost is the body. I remembered writing about the animal camel in my first post (which actually has an inaccuracy that I must fix — “gimmel” is the third letter of the Hebrew alphabet not the Modern Hebrew word for “three.”)

She is not the first feminine of the deck. That honor goes to the High Priestess, our psychic friend, but she is our First Lady of Pomegranate (fertility symbol seen on the Rider Waiter version of this card). And even though she is associated with fertility and literal pregnancy or childbirth, to me she is whole. She isn’t “about” the phallus or the seed. She is the bloom, the rose, scepter (see? she has her own phallus, no need for yours), crown, throne, leaves of green and lush. Earth Queen who has sprung like the tulips touching her gown.

She is my Oak. Ah, another recruit! Thank you, Empress.

Wishing you good cards xx

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