In the Cards

In the Cards

The Tower: A Story For Mercury Retrograde

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"mercury in cancer" When Mercury went retrograde, we met. When Mercury went direct (earlier today), we met again. The man in the rain-soaked fedora. Remember him? Gemini Sun, Virgo Rising rain-soaked fedora man. Back with a new question for the Oracle. And a new hat.

(You can read Part One here.) 

Listen, he said. The business thing? Fine. The missing-my-plane thing? Mostly fine. What I need now is


I can’t say. I’m not permitted to say. Can you ask the cards for an answer without knowing the question? Two cards this time, he said.

I admit I didn’t mind not knowing. I like a challenge.

There’s a woman, I said. Causing you trouble. The Tower and the Nine of Pentacles. WAIT. No.

It’s not that she’s causing you trouble. The opposite is true. She’s keeping the Tower from falling on you. Do you know who this is?

I slid the card towards him. He nodded.

The Tower card indicates change, sometimes frightening change. Sudden. We can’t prepare. We get thrown from the horse.

But the woman in the Nine of Pentacles is a master. I can’t even call her a “mistress” (although I did wonder if she was his mistress, truth be told). Master is the better word here. She’s in command of the garden, in command of her money, and her pet is a bird of prey.

The Tower can fall all it wants. She won’t. She doesn’t.

Dear Readers, I admit that the Tower is my least favorite card in the deck, although I’ve seen it for the mundane (a couple having a lovers’ quarrel) as well as for shocking news (eviction, health crisis, and more). When you see the Tower, you know that things will not, cannot, remain the same.

Lucky for fedora man, the Nine of Pentacles did not reinforce the shock of the new but sent an affirming message.

Whether you are this woman or you know this woman, help is here.

As for the man, I look forward to his return next Mercury Retrograde.


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Tarotscope For The Week Of June 30th

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"jupiter in leo astrology" I’m not ready for the Wheel of Fortune yet. That’s what we’re up to in my Card Meanings series. Instead I wanted to look at the week ahead.

Astrologically speaking, Mercury will go from retrograde motion to direct motion: this is good!  Life gets a little less muddled and befuddled. Plans can be made again. We move forward again, just like Mercury.

And July is a big month. All kinds of planetary comings and goings, big shifts. I will address those as they happen! For the time being though, let’s talk next week:

One card for Body. One card for Mind. One card for Spirit.

Or as I like to call this spread: bone, brain, and blood.

What your body needs: Eight of Cups.

This speaks to me of “out of body” experiences (astral travel, getting a Reiki treatment, certain types of meditation) and regaining gentle tender connection with not just your physical body, but your emotional body. How you reach your body this week is through ethereal activity. Prayer. Clouds.

Ironic that I ask a question about body and I get Cups, the watery emotional realm. This is no coincidence. We can’t take care of our bodies while ignoring how we feel. After all the Sun is in Cancer!

The Eight of Cups is asking you: what (or who) are you leaving behind?  Yes there may be some lingering sadness or regret attached to this decision but you’re already on your way. It’s done. It’s good. Maybe you can leave that lingering sadness behind, hmm? Or not. You can still do what needs to be done, no matter how your heart feels.

I want you to fill up eight cups this week or come up with eight ideas, eight notions, light eight candles. I want you to be organized about it. The EIGHTS have an association with order. Eight ways to wake up. Eight resolutions, no matter how simple.

I also want to say:  your body is thirsty. And this could be a metaphor yes. Satisfy your spiritual thirst. But also drink more water.

What your mind needs: Wheel of Fortune! Now more than ever, your mind needs hope and faith in the future. The constant up and down, up and down as the wheel spins is exhausting! I don’t think 100% stability is possible at this time (is it ever?) but while you feel down? Look up at the sky.

When you feel lost and you need a pick-me-up, spin the wheel. You can make one. Seriously. Arts and crafts time. And not that you are looking for answers per se (or even advice) but just the ACTION itself. Even though this is a card for mind, the ACTION of spinning the wheel (Eight of Cups is also about movement) transforms the situation. You can even keep a pair of dice at home. And, again, not for assigning meaning to the outcome necessarily, but just to engage in that small physical act. Why? To get life moving again.

Also, let your mind roam. The figures and objects in this rendition of the card appear to be floating in the air. Let go of contraction and imprisoning thoughts. Free your mind. The angel (at the top of the card) is holding it all together so you don’t have to.

What your spirit needs: the Emperor. I feel like all these cards are leading us in the same direction. Towards movement, flexibility, and yet isn’t the Emperor stubborn? Mr. Rules? The father. YES. Your spirit needs fathering, support. Your spirit needs gathering. Had you been attending a class and recently dropped out? Who is there to teach you now? Stability amidst change. You need people who KNOW what they are doing.

"pluto opposition sun" He has been crowned by others. He’s a recognized authority. Mountains in the background, tulips at his feet, the world in his hands. Your spirit needs a little direction and a little beauty. I wouldn’t wait any longer. Find your next teacher.

I’d love to hear if these cards resonate for you! Let me know in the comments.

Have a good week xo


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You Are Not Alone: The Hermit

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"new moon in cancer" I was happy to see the Hermit this morning as I was checking what card to blog about next. From the power of the Chariot to the passion of Strength to the solitude of the Hermit. Alone time. Introspection. Guidance. Silence. Light. Wisdom. Searching.

And this, from writer Eden Gray: a journey may be necessary in order to gain knowledge.

When you see the Hermit, you may be the teacher. You may seek the teacher. Maybe both.

One thing is for sure: go slow.

The New Moon in Cancer is on Friday, June 27th!

New Moons are new starts. They are the seed times. Nothing is certain. Nothing is settled. We set intentions. We hope. We wish upon a star. We pray.

New Moon in Cancer would be an excellent time to set intentions regarding a new home, a new family, feelings of safety and security in your life.

Cancer, above all, is a FEELING sign. Sympathetic, empathetic, nostalgic, deep feeling, powerful, nurturing, creative, loving.

I’m a Cancer so I’m biased :) but on a good day? Nothing like a Cancer’s love. It’s the ideal mother’s love.

I remember years ago my roommate was going through a hard time, a depression. I don’t remember what I said… but something that I said to her made all the difference in the world. She said it was like heavenly hands coming down to help her.

This New Moon in Cancer is part sweet and part dark, like the best chocolate. I think some folks may even experience that emotional intensity tide usually felt on Full Moons so just be aware.

I think you will find some sturdy shelter from whatever storm is raging inside you, outside you. Stay there for as long as it takes, until the rains pass.

And notice that the Hermit has a lantern with a star in it. This light is yours.


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More Tarot For Mercury Retrograde: What Do You Want To Redo?

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"mars opposition uranus" When Mercury is retrograde, we are told what to do in terms of what NOT to do. Don’t buy a new computer. Don’t sign a contract. Your flight gets delayed. You wander the lonely airport halls in your bereft heels. Emails get sent to the wrong recipients. Why oh why did you send your hunky co-worker that love letter. You meant to save it in draft only.

We make more mistakes than usual. We make misunderstanding.

One of the trickiest parts of THIS Mercury retrograde period is that it happens in the sign of Gemini! See, Mercury “rules” Gemini thus we just can’t seem to make ourselves understood these days and it, well, it hurts.

In other words, please do not expect any straight talk until Mercury goes direct again on July 1st.

Mercury retrograde time is also the time of the RE.

Review. Renew. Reassess. Resume. Repeat. Reaffirm. Reiterate. Redo.  People or projects from the past come back. Come back to life.

Honestly, I don’t think you need to worry but yes it will be helpful if you adjust your assumptions of what can and cannot be said, heard, and understood at this time. 

ARE YOU HEARING ME? You could whisper, you could scream, you could say it in EVERY POSSIBLE WAY and still… you may not get through.

But that’s okay. It’s temporary.

I’m going to draw two cards for you now. Two cards of advice for Mercury retrograde in Gemini:


At first we see Justice, a Major Arcana card. And then the Nine of Cups!

These are two cards divergent in tone to say the least.

Justice is about, well, Justice. Justice is served. Getting what you deserve. As you can see, Justice is not blindfolded, and her scale is perfectly level. It’s not about winners and losers here. It’s about righting the wrongs. I think this is fascinating actually because this card is about clear thinking, clear seeing, and we’re talking about Mercury retrograde.

NOW IS THE TIME, my friends, now is the time for Justice to be done. And once Justice is done? You’ll have your Nine of Cups, your wish come true, your celebration, a little drinkie on the house.

The thing that’s got me puzzled though is this question: why NOW? Why Justice now? You’ve been wanting it for so long and it’s eluded you. What has changed?

We see the Knight of Cups (yes, sometimes I can’t stop at two cards). The FEELING has changed, says this Knight. One might even say he’s trying to bribe the judge, offering her a fist of flowers ;)

In either case, here’s the wisdom: through Mercury retrograde you actually can see MORE clearly than before. I know that may sound counter intuitive to some, but the very scrambling of the messages becomes a kind of… wiping off of the glass.

Extra credit: notice the Knight’s red and white flowers are the same as the ones in the Justice card. You may need to click on the picture for the full effect.


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Without Hazard: Thoughts On The Strength Card

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"venus sextile jupiter" I was looking through one of my ginormous airtight containers this afternoon and found folders and manilla envelops of papers and photographs and old bills and letters of reference from professors and rejections from poetry magazines but the best find were the handwritten notes from a reading I had with my astrology teacher back in 2008.

Gems, I tell you. Gems. And then I found his response to an email I had written him. For some reason, I didn’t print out my question but the title of the email was: QUESTION ABOUT STRENGTH.

He talked about overcoming fear. He talked about the courage to admit fear. He talked about my Venus Jupiter sextile, that I needed to stop manufacturing fear and instead to manifest meaning. I think this had always been his advice for me, for as long as I knew him. He advised that I meditate on the Strength card in the Tarot.

Without hazard there is no meaning to what we do.”

When I see the Strength card, I like it, but I’m never quite sure what it means FOR ME. Be courageous? That I’m already courageous? What’s at stake? The context, as always, matters. The question, as always, matters. This card can mean, simply, that you’re doing better. You can handle whatever it is. Still, something is missing for me with this card.

The Strength card often depicts a woman and a lion. Is the beast her animal soul? Her fear? Portrait of Woman with Lion. In the version of the card I’m eyeballing right now, she’s not fidgeting with the lion’s jaws (like in the Rider Waite) but sitting calmly beside him, not paying attention to the huge mane on her right. It looks like he’s protecting her. But no fear. No struggle. The lion almost appears to grow from her hair. Is she wrestling with a problem? With the problem of strength? Just a little. They look like… good friends. Making friends with strength.

I want to draw a card about this card! "venus sextile jupiter"

Dear Tarot, what do I need to know about the Strength card?

The Eight of Cups: you have eight cups of feeling here. Eight cups of hope. Eight cups of light. Eight cups of self-pity. Eight cups of loss. Eight cups of joy. Eight cups of the past. Eight cups of eight cups of eight cups. Eight cups of what next. Eight cups of valor. Eight cups of spine. With Strength, you sit side by side with the lion, unafraid of being devoured.

But I know you know the truth. That you are fiercely here. That YOU are the lion too.


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The Chariot: You Got This

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"new moon in cancer" In one of the chat rooms this morning, a gal mentioned that she hadn’t see the Chariot in a long time. She draws cards for herself every morning, and she’s been sick for a couple weeks now. One of the first meanings I learned for this card was VICTORY. But I’ve also seen it for mundane matters, such as going on a trip. And general metaphysical: moving forward.

Important to note that the mastery implied in this card is by virtue of your own strength, confidence. It’s what you DO. It’s not luck. It’s not the Wheel of Fortune spinning. It’s you taking control. You are driving that chariot. You have left the castle walls behind. YOU GOT THIS. Keep going.

So I have a situation in my life and decided to draw three cards for insight. The first card I drew was the Four of Pentacles (by the way  I do plan to go through each and every card of the Tarot deck — and probably more than once!) and it struck me right away. I often see this Four as possessiveness, as MINE. And when I see it in a relationship spread, it’s often someone who is withholding. The energy not flowing. Or… someone blocking.

And then I was digging through one of my Tarot books and came upon this great phrase for the Four of Pentacles: taking ownership. This guy is steady, certain, not moving. The Chariot is steady, certain, on the move.

Even though these cards were not drawn together, not by me nor by the gal in the chat room, just having seen them on the same day (no coincidence of course) filled my head with luscious Tarot magic.

The least you need to know: when your world feels chaotic, look to the Four of Pentacles and the Chariot for strength. You can print out images of these cards or pull them from your deck. Look at the images. Feel the energy. Tarot isn’t just a game or tool or a bunch of odd interesting symbolic pictures. There’s guidance here.

No matter how you feel at any given moment, my friend, you’re in charge. Question is whether you believe it. I’d draw a card for that question, for sure :)


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Hello Young Lovers! (And Lovers of All Ages)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"venus sextile jupiter" Everybody’s favorite card. The Lovers. Everybody loves love. Who doesn’t love to see the Lovers?

But open almost any Tarot guidebook and you’ll see that the Lovers often represents a choice and is the card associated with the sign Gemini, the Twins.

I’ve got a Gemini friend or two. One of my Gemini friends told a 20 year lie. To me, to everyone in her life. Now I’m not saying that all Gemini lie. And I’m not saying that all Gemini could tell a 20 year lie. But this one did.

When you see the Lovers you may wonder what the lie is or who is being deceived. Notice the serpent snaking up the tree next to the woman in the Rider Waite version of the card. She looks up at the angel whereas the man looks… at her? Off in the distance? The angel blesses them with his big red wings. And is that a sand dune in the background? The couple is naked, open, without shame.

The Lovers is number six in the Major Arcana. We have left the uncertainty of the five and entered the six, harmony and sharing.

I know I know I’m giving this card a 75% cynical reading here, but truth is I see it for relationship potential, for relationships going well, for love, for true love, for marriage, for healthy business partnership. The Lovers doesn’t mean a lie.

But when you see the Lovers consider what needs to be integrated, either within you or within your partnership. Are you two halves of a whole or are you whole? And then listen to your intuition. Are these Lovers true? Yes or no.

We are very much under the influence of Mercury Retrograde as I type this. Mercury backs into the sign of Gemini today so you may find yourself receiving long lost letters, messages from previous employers who want you back, blasts from the past…

Or maybe you can’t stop thinking about the past no matter how hard you try. Brooding a mile a minute. Gemini, in astrology, “rules” thought, your thought processes, your mind, your gifts for rationalization or poetry. In my own birth chart, I have a poetic Mercury mind. What do you know about your own Mercury? 

When I was looking to see what card I needed to blog about next, I was happy to see the Lovers. Not only because the Gemini piece matches our current Sun in Gemini and Mercury Retrograde in Gemini, but also because of another astrological aspect happening this week — a harmonious meeting of Venus and Jupiter, our two feel-good planets. When these two are happy? All of us are. Venus + Jupiter = The Lovers!

I predict today and tomorrow and even the rest of this week you get an extra dosage of heavenly help, guidance, comfort.

Dear Readers, are you feeling the love? 


P.S. Interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? Use this link to get in touch with me!

What Is Home To You? Sun Enters Cancer June 21st

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"two of cups tarot card meaning" I was watching a movie about a young man building a Tiny House for himself. If you don’t know what the tiny house or small house movement is, please Google.

So I was watching this movie and it made me think about home. My home. How for years I’ve been living in this small rented apartment, not so happy with it, and if you asked me… I’d probably say that moving was number one on my list of things-to-do.

I loved watching this movie because I got to watch others grapple with these situations and questions — a woman saying how she just wasn’t going to rent again. I currently live in a big American city and yet am drawn to wilderness and the West. The movie reminded me that I have choices.

Where is home? How to get there? 

Next week the Sun enters the sign of Cancer and Cancer is associated with home, houses, family, mom, women, the moon, cycles, food, comfort, feelings, nurturance, roots, water, sensitivity, the sea. And that’s just a partial list!

In honor of this cycle, in honor of the Sun entering Cancer, and the Summer Solstice, I dare you to think about where home is, and if it’s not where you are, then what do you want to create? Where do you fit in? Or maybe you carry your home on your back, like Cancer, the sign of the crab.

I decided to draw three cards:

-for those seeking to move (action plan)
-for those seeking to stay (how to make home better)
-for those who aren’t sure (guidance)

For those who aren’t sure what to do? Look to create more harmony in your relationships. You need to improve this part FIRST. See if you can improve this part. And then you’ll know. Two of Cups.

For those who want to stay where they are we see the Knight of Wands which is interesting to me because I often see this card when people are, indeed, moving — and yet he showed up for the stay-put-but-make-things-better folks. Is the Tarot telling you to go? Not necessarily. But something is missing on the home front. Maybe you need a vacation and that’s the reason for this fiery Knight’s presence. Or consider that what’s been misplaced is your (say it!) passion. Passion overall. Does your home have enough color? Enough red? Enough LIFE?

For those seeking to change their living situation, we see the King of Swords.

He gets accused of being cold at times, but he’s honorable, unbiased. He’s got standards! Assess your situation with clarity, honestly, and BE THE KING as you go through this process. Act with authority, strength. Kings don’t beg. You need problem-solving skills to make this happen. Do you get overly emotional when you think about moving? Be logic-smart as you move forward. Create a vision board or other similar manifestation project. Y’all know I’m a big fan of the dry erase board. I’ve got two!

Dear Readers, do you see yourself in these cards?


P.S. Interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? Use this link to get in touch with me!

Who’s Afraid Of The Hierophant?

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in sagittarius" I have some clients who do not relate to this card at all — but I grew up in a traditional home, a religious home. I grew up WITH religion. So I get it. I “get” the rules. That there are rules. And we must follow them. Or else. Or else what? Or else there will be yelling. The rules as burden rather than freedom which brings me to the example I always like to give — how writing a poem in iambic pentameter actually sets the poet free, that constraint can inspire. Without the rules, we’re just… at sea. Which is great. Until the hallucinations set in ;)

If you know your astrology, then think of Saturn. Saturn vs. Neptune. Structure vs. the free fall flow.

See, there is a reason why the Tarot isn’t just made up of High Priestess “tune in” type cards but also includes the Emperor and the Hierophant.

I’ve seen this card called the Pope. Seen it called Faith. I’ve seen it interpreted as Guidance. Hierophant lite.

But his power comes from the power of tradition. Orthodoxy. Ceremony. Old school. He’s got the rules, the followers, and the God to back him up.

Some folks will not like him because he represents not the inner self, not our passions, individuality, not even our weaknesses, not all our cutesy quirks, but the iambic pentameter of our lives. You know what iambic pentameter is? It’s a SCHEME. A rhyme scheme. We count syllables too. We pay attention. Why? To keep us from feeling that we are falling into chaos every second of every day. Thus, enter Hierophant.

See, without the Hierophant (and without other such cards) we not only lose faith, we lose our minds.

For the purposes of divination: when you see this card, you may not know whether you’re dealing with a man, moment, or mood of truth faith and wisdom or  merely a bloated blowhard. The surrounding cards will tell more of the story.


P.S. Interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? Use this link to get in touch with me!

Your Love Tarotscope For the Weekend Of June 13th

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in sagittarius" I do not usually cast my Tarotscope predictions based on astrology or Sun Signs. What I do is decide which area of life I want to focus on — and the topic for this week is LOVE — and then I draw a card.

This week I’ll be drawing cards for:

-those lost in love
-those seeking love
-the broken-hearted

But before I get started, a few astrological tidbits: Venus and Mars, the planets most ensnared in matters of the heart, are NOT joyous turtledoves this weekend. Venus will be cranky. Mars will be cranky. Now, I’m not telling you to cancel your date night. Let’s see what the cards have to say BUT… the Moon will be slogging through duty-bound, faithful Capricorn. You may find yourself considering making love to a stack of invoices rather than to your Beloved.

For those dreamy-eyed, Lost in Love lovers:
Seven of Pentacles, reversed. Upright, he’s afraid he’s failed, that it’s over. He’s wondering if his time and energy and resources have been wasted. But reversed/inverted? Love blooms. You’re upside down, inside out, beside yourself with desire. We see seven disks of desire, each one representing another part of you: lips, eyes, neck, hands, fingers… you get the picture ;) You care not what has or hasn’t grown. Yet.

So for those Lost in Love lovers, I predict more of the same. Enjoy!

For those Seeking Love:
Another reversed card, the Queen of Swords. Upright, I tend to hold a more traditional meaning of this card: mourning. But reversed? The sword of love that cut you so thoroughly may finally fall from your fist. You don’t need it anymore.  I think what happens is… we get hurt. And then we protect that hurt. We cultivate it. Instead, the sword (the hurt) can be like that lone tiny bird in the Rider-Waite version of this card: on its way somewhere else.

For the Broken-Hearted:
We see the Fool. Now you are free.

Have a great weekend everyone!


P.S. Interested in receiving a personalized Tarot/Astrology reading? Use this link to get in touch with me!

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