In the Cards

In the Cards

Fire Flower: Venus in Sagittarius & the Queen of Wands

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"new moon in sagittarius"

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This is the dark time. The dark time of year in the Big City, Northern Hemisphere. And we need light. Lucky for us, finally, we have some light. We’re still neck-deep in Scorpio Season but Venus, Goddess of Love, has entered frisky fire sign Sagittarius. This is Good News, which is what Sagittarius prefers.

Where do you find light? Do you create it, generate it? Or seek it outside yourself? Moon or Sun? Maybe in the beating of your heart. I like hearts. I realize that I collect them. Not bloody pulpy hearts but cool red ones — made of glass or ceramic or wood. The ones that aren’t real.

A story: I’m frustrated in my new town. I don’t have a car. The public transportation is good, but tricky, especially if you want to go food shopping and you want decent food. So today I went on an adventure to get to this One Store and I got there and it took forever and a day to get back.

I’m home now, and warm, and staring at my candle magic. I am doing a ritual. I started it the other night and will continue until the 22nd of November, the New Moon in Sagittarius (Venus will be conjunct the New Moon, FYI). Seven nights. Burning particular candles for a particular purpose and as I noted in one of my chat rooms: the intention of my candle magic is changing. I went in with one idea and the act of DOING this ritual, with intention each night has given birth to…  me.

My birth chart, my natal chart, is low in fire. An astrologer once told me that candles were good for me — to increase fire, warmth, radiance.

"new moon in sagittarius" Two candles. The candle snuffer nearby. Matches. And my new red glass heart. I don’t what it’s supposed to be. Too heavy to be a Christmas ornament maybe but… I got it at an antique store. The one who loves me truly will buy me hearts. Venus rules love and money, money and love.

But I digress. Since about my fourth sentence up there I digress, but what I know is this: Venus has entered Sagittarius and our love has come home from her wandering. Our love has come home by telling a story. Jupiter, ruler of Sag, is the storyteller.

And you know what I’m going to say: if you are finding yourself in a dark time, then light a candle and maybe a red one and pretend you’re in my Tarot class (or actually take my Tarot class) and think how you can be more like this Queen of Wands we know and love — she is passionate. She is fierce. Huge sunflower. Flower of fire.

Wishing you good cards xx

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Oracle In the City (Sunday, November 9th)

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"new moon in sagittarius"

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I was rolling a stone around in my hand. A crystal. An astrologer told me once to do that — that I needed to, that it would relax me. Keep my hands busy. My chart is Mercury-ruled. I’m a Virgo Rising. Mercury rules the hands. So I was rolling the purple stone, purple crystal between my thumb and index finger, not a tumbled stone but with some grooves and ridges to it as my client was talking, my client with the famous name but unrelated to the famous, far as I know.

Do you mind if I use the cards too? I asked him. I like astrology and tarot together. Astrology gives me the big picture. Tarot helps me zoom in. He knew enough astrology to know about his 12th House Sun and the potential pitfalls thereof but also 12th House mystery.

I’m happy today. Happy alone. Happy in my 12th House way. I don’t have a 12th House Sun but my Venus is there. I had a good reading. I slept well. Got my list of things to do (yay Virgo Rising). Everything in order. And a delicious soup from the new restaurant down the street. I’m happy today. Fed. I liked his response to the reading — he had a sense of the… gravity of it. His life. His changes. His transits. Possibility. And then the cards spoke through me.

But even before that I tried to give him chizuk (strength). He’s an artist. He has the path of an artist. Zig zag. And all those people who put him down, well maybe they are jealous of his freedom, and oh what transits he is under! Pluto through his first  house messing with his natal Uranus and natal Mars and Saturn and…

He reminded me of me. A bit.

They say that’s what happens. Our clients reflect back to us our own issues. This one was really spot on though.

You haven’t decided yet, I told him, when I saw the Justice card. Libra. And another meaning I remember reading in Rachel Pollack — the need to be honest with yourself.

I didn’t mention this secondary meaning to him at the time, but it revealed itself to be true about 30 minutes later. There was this gap between… the dream of what could be, 12th House potential, and what remained unsaid, close to him.

I don’t think I drew a crowning card for him. We were still chatting past the hour, and whatever other cards I drew are long gone now (but saved on the recording!).

I come into contact with a lot of lives — and I am looking for a word for how that feels. Respect. I respect all these lives and I see commonalities and a lot of pain and confusion, at every age. I don’t know why I was chosen or why I chose to do this — not exactly. I was led, a series of my own zig zag. But this is what I do. Who I am.

Do you have a question for me? I am happy to do quick one or two card readings here on the blog.

Wishing you good cards xx

I am doing a new e-course, starting November 15th on the Tarot Court Cards! The cost for the course is $90 and will be in a “secret group” on Facebook.  The “room” is always open, so you can learn and participate at your leisure! It will last a month and we will discuss all the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages and the different ways to interpret them! You don’t have to be a card reader or experienced in Tarot to take the class but this isn’t a “what is Tarot” type beginner class. Some experience with the cards is preferable but all are welcome to join in the fun. I also teach Tarot 1:1 if you seek beginner lessons. Just email me at moonpluto@gmail for info. 

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Are You The Queen Of Pentacles?

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"full moon in taurus"

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I love this time of year. Early November. It starts to get dark around 4:30 pm or 5. The leaves are still on the trees. We are the trees. We can meditate sooner, rest sooner, dream sooner, put on our fuzzy socks sooner.

Over the summer there was hot competition: car stereo vs. car stereo. Now we have a touch of pin-drop quiet. Just a touch. Even the buses seem hushed. My overhead light feels like the sun. I have a Triple Moon Goddess black box with a glass heart inside. I open it when I want to open my heart. I don’t have this sense of ritual in the spring or summer. Those aren’t my seasons, even though I was born in summer. This is my time.

In honor of the upcoming Tarot class that I’m doing (and please see the bottom of this post for information) I want to talk a little about the Tarot Queens in the context of Goddess energy, Heroine energy.

I really don’t know why all of a sudden, with all my esoteric and metaphysical interests and spiritual crossroading I’m suddenly all Goddessed, but it appears to be the case.  A gal who reads my Private Blog noted that something must be ‘in the air’ because it was happening to her too. Scorpio Season. Scorpio is Yin, feminine energy. How she kept finding books about Goddesses in second hand stores.

So when we discuss the Queens in the Tarot class, I want to talk about them BIGGER i.e. that when you pull these cards, you are being called to… not only emulate, but pay tribute. Not only wonder who this Queen is (is it me? Is it someone else?) but what this Queen needs. Is there a a deity that requires your attention or a relative who has passed on or a spirit guide or a familiar who is showing up in Tarot Queen form come to talk to you.

"full moon in taurus" Angeles Arrien writes about “Types of Physical Mastery” in her section on the Pentacle court cards (King, Queen, Knight and Page). I’ve read before that the Queen of Pentacles is a “health card.” Reversed you may need to tend to your health. Mastery of Diet and Nutrition says Arrien.

Mastery. A word my astrology teacher used all the time, careful to make a distinction between control and mastery. When we see the Court Cards, we see what is possible.

Again, from Arrien (who uses the Thoth deck): “She sits on top of a huge pineapple as a reminder of her commitment to build new worlds that are more fruitful and less bleak and barren than the deserts of the past.”

Frankly I’d be a fan of any Tarot deck or Tarot writer who wrote about a giant pineapple.  That’s just cool. And right away we  understand that diet and nutrition is a metaphor here. Your money may be “weak” and need an infusion of vitamin. Or your love life.

One of Rachel Pollack’s books describes this queen as having a “love of nature, of being intensely involved with the physical world.”

In my new favorite deck, the Wildwood Tarot, we see a bear as the Queen of Pentacles (or Stones, in this deck).

This Queen has what she needs. And she gives what she has. When reversed she may “run out” of supplies or good health. She can’t give so much then, if at all. When you see this Queen upside-down, do ask yourself if you have forgotten to feed YOU. You may be hungry and the upcoming in Full Moon in TAURUS will highlight these issues: what you give away versus what you save for yourself. (A very interesting combination — the keeper and the giver, if you’ve ever known a Taurus/Virgo combo.)

How I feel when I see the Queen of Pentacles depends on the context, depends on the question asked.

And I’m thinking about everything I just read and typed here and how troubling this card truly is when reversed: she may be a bit crazy or messy (due to depression) or simply overwhelmed and exhausted. Her resources may be spilled on the floor. Queen of Pentacles reversed could also be that a psychic vampire has come to prey.

But let’s say I see this card in response to a question such as… Is this surgeon a good surgeon?  I’d say yes. Trustworthy, grounded, not impulsive, knows her stuff, steady hands. She takes calculated risks only. Good staff. Nice office. Wears comfortable shoes. Possibly expensive comfortable shoes. Good quality.

This is why I love Tarot, one of the reasons anyway. We can study and study and discuss and that is super fun :) but the actual reading or consult is… when the cards come alive. It reminds me of when I worked in the theatre: the script you write is akin to studying the cards… versus the collaborative live show (the reading) which took not only a writer but actors and director (at the very least).

I would choose an Earthy Goddess to be our Queen of Pentacles. A harvest Goddess, a Goddess of the Land, of Crops, of the Body or Money, similar in spirit to the Empress. You can do your own Goddess search on Google. I love the Demeter/Ceres story, but you’ll find more, much more. Happy Googling!

Wishing you good cards xx

I am doing a new e-course, starting November 15th on the Tarot Court Cards! The cost for the course is $90 and will be in a “secret group” on Facebook.  The “room” is always open, so you can learn and participate at your leisure! It will last a month and we will discuss all the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages and the different ways to interpret them! You don’t have to be a card reader or experienced in Tarot to take the class but this isn’t a “what is Tarot” type beginner class. Some experience with the cards is preferable but all are welcome to join in the fun. I also teach Tarot 1:1 if you seek beginner lessons. Just email me at moonpluto@gmail for info. 

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Tarot For The Snow Moon (Full Moon In Taurus)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in taurus" Astrologers, Tarot Readers, various and sundry star gazers, starfish, magicians, and young lovers, we get all excited about the MOON:  New Moons, Full Moons, waxing, waning, first quarter, last quarter, it’s all good :) We end. We begin. We end. We being again. We plot. We predict. We hope.

What we have to look forward to:  the Full Moon in Taurus on November 6th.

According to Moon-lore, she is called Snow Moon.

Also, Dark Moon, Moon of Storms, and Moon When Deer Shed Antlers (according to DJ Conway in Moon Magick).  According to Conway, the Snow Moon is time for you to “strengthen communication with the god or goddess who seems closest to you.”  Hekate, Kali, and Bast (among other deities) are associated with this Moon, and I found this particular interesting because I am currently searching for… a special deity, guide, for me, for when I do my consultations/readings.

We (those of us who read) are often told that Spirit works through us, and I believe that, but it’s not always at the front of my mind. I just do my job. Walk the walk. But then I decided I wanted to make “it” more specific, to ask for guidance from someone in particular. And I’ve been thinking about it. Pondering. Trying on for size different names. Is it this one? That one? This one? Is it Mary? Is it Oya? Is it Sarah? Is it the Green Man? Is it Wolf or Bear? 

I haven’t found him or her yet. And I’m okay with that. So for the moment I ask for help from a guide whose name I do not know but I hope shall be revealed.

We need never worry about running out of energy. Of course we must rest and stop, on a daily basis. But as long as we do that, and include our needs, among other needs, we need never worry about running out of energy. It’s all around us. We can take from it.

I remember feeling frazzled and tired a couple weeks ago and I walked to the park with the single intention of drinking from the limitless earth energy with every step.

The Astrology of the Taurus Full Moon:

The Full Moon in Taurus will oppose the Sun and Venus in Scorpio.

This is the axis of stasis vs. metamorphosis, and yet both these signs are stubborn, willful. Stubborn about staying put (Taurus) vs. commitment to eliminating the toxin (Scorpio).

I remember telling a Taurus once to be careful what she chooses — in EVERYTHING. Because it will stick around a long long time.

I sense a tug of war in you between… the changes you want to make (or feel compelled to make) and your comfort zone. The comfort zone is pretty good actually — there is ice cream there and a comfy robe.

But Scorpio Season asks us to *not* get too comfortable and  instead wade into the deeper end, which includes scary change. Like going to a party alone!

Do you know how to do this? Do you want to? How to get from here to there? To go to the party alone? Knowing you won’t be alone for long…
The Full Moon in Taurus is WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW. What you need to know in the midst of Scorpio Season, the Season of Death and Rebirth. And once you know this, once you grok this lesson, you can… stir your cauldron, get fed, put your boots on, and go.

Question: how will you/can you keep your totems and your security system intact but also become just a teeny tiny bit more flexible, more open, and thinking about the future? The past is dead. What you have right now, in front of you, is that what you want to keep? Let the Taurus Full Moon show you what is worth keeping. Then trash the rest. Feh.

All fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius) please pay special attention to this Full Moon! All y’all are being jostled due to Sun and Moon squaring Jupiter in Leo. Squares cause tension but that’s not the point I want to make here. The point I want to make here is that this Full Moon matters MORE for you because your chart is being affected (those of you with Sun, Moon, Rising, or other personal planets in the fixed signs at mid-degrees). Do the Work to maximize moon magic available. What is the Work? Let’s pull a card! 

One card.

What you need to know about this Taurus Full Moon. What is culminating in your Taurus House but still requires negotiation and Scorpio cunning.

Three of Rods (Wands). I think you will hear news from afar (or possibly the Internet) but… have we not seen this card quite a bit recently? Or maybe it was the Two of Wands over and over showing his face.

The THREE is… the creation. What has been born. Synthesis. The child. It’s been done. It exists. One is alone. Two is companionship. Three is the result. It has been developed. You have developed but still… something edgy in this card. You’re waiting for response. I think you get it around the Full Moon. You get your Yes or No. And whether you like the answer or not depends on how the Full Moon aspects your chart in particular (and if this interests you, I do Readings for a living, so please do email me so I can help you).

Now I remember. That Two of Wands was about a choice. Stay safe or take a risk. With this card I believe the choice has been made.  “Committing all your resources to something,” writes Rachel Pollack.

Is this you? 

Wishing you good cards xx

I am doing a new e-course, starting November 15th on the Tarot Court Cards! The cost for the course is $90 and will be in a “secret group” on Facebook.  The “room” is always open, so you can learn and participate at your leisure! It will last a month and we will discuss all the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages and the different ways to interpret them! You don’t have to be a card reader or experienced in Tarot to take the class but this isn’t a “what is Tarot” type beginner class. Some experience with the cards is preferable but all are welcome to join in the fun. I also teach Tarot 1:1 if you seek beginner lessons. Just email me at moonpluto@gmail for info. 

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Ten of Vessels: Are You Happy?

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"full moon in taurus" Finally.
I’ve fallen in love with Tarot. It took my new deck — the Wildwood Tarot — for it to happen. This deck is not new, but it’s new to me.

Tarot is my livelihood, my fascination, my inspiration, my psychic Beloved, the subject of my blog posts and classes and conversations and book purchases… but falling head over heels is another level entirely.

This deck makes me feel at home. It’s a home I remember — from when I was a hare or a reindeer or a stone or a waterfall or a branch on a tree.

See, I was not prepared to feeeeeeeeeel these cards like I do, and I’ve only drawn a few for clients so far! The deck is so rich and deep I may ONLY do one-card readings from these for a while. They are… complete. This deck is a world.

One card for your weekend:  the TEN OF VESSELS (Cups in more traditional decks although I do consider this a traditional Tarot, pretty much).

Are you happy? How happy are you? Content? The Ten of Vessels wants to know. Are your ten cups full? What fills them? What fills you? Do you have delight? Do you have light? This card may portend good news, good times, happiness. Someone/something is coming to fill up more of your cups. This is good news indeed.

This card isn’t about your money, honey. This card isn’t about your goals although it may be the end note of your goals.

Even if you don’t feel all that Ten of Vessels these days, what can you do this weekend to fill up another cup in your life?

Ten of VesselsThe Cups (Vessels) suit is our heart chakra. Feelings. Joy. Romance. Other people. Social life. Intuition. Feeling at ease. Feeling at home. And there are TEN!  That’s a lot of heart, a lot of love, a lot of mourning in the darker Cups cards.

There are no people in this version of the card, unlike the Rider Waite which shows two ebullient grown-ups and a couple of dancing children and the sky is a rainbow of heavenly goblets. Here we have a waterfall, abundance incarnate, and everyone is covered. The bowls are full to overflowing bursting

I know we can’t feel this way all the time. That would be kind of nuts. Peak experience is part of normal life but so is laundry. Funny. You could do your laundry in this card :) all that water.

What would make you happy again?

Wishing you good cards xx

I am doing a new e-course, starting November 15th on the Tarot Court Cards! The cost for the course is $90 and will be in a “secret group” on Facebook.  The “room” is always open, so you can learn and participate at your leisure! It will last a month and we will discuss all the Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages and the different ways to interpret them! You don’t have to be a card reader or experienced in Tarot to take the class but this isn’t a “what is Tarot” type beginner class. Some experience with the cards is preferable but all are welcome to join in the fun. I also teach Tarot 1:1 if you seek beginner lessons. Just email me at moonpluto@gmail for info. 

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Scorpio Season In Three Acts

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"venus trine neptune astrology"

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

Act One:
This morning, over the course of a few hours, I was pulling Tarot cards for myself, for clients, and for the chat rooms I run — and I pulled the TWO OF WANDS three times!
Actually… I think I pulled it more than three times.

One may think:  oh she shuffled poorly.
One may respond:  could be!

But get this: I used THREE DIFFERENT DECKS.
At first I was using the Palladini. A bit later I used Connolly. And then Rider-Waite.
Three Two of Wands.

Play it safe or take a risk is what this card is asking. You have a choice. This Wand. Or that.

I remember when I was learning astrology and my teacher was talking about “signs,” seeing signs, even though he didn’t quite know what they meant at the time. He was certain (he told us) that at this point in his life he KNEW that he was in direct conversation with the Divine.

Act Two:
this morning during a reading drew a few cards for a woman’s boyfriend. The Nine of Wands came up. The Wounded Warrior. He’s tired but he can live to fight another day.

He’s a fighter, I said to her. And then asked, seconds later: was he in the army?

YES, she said.

It was that kind of day. Signs, synchronicity, whatever you want to call it. We are in Scorpio Season and such occurrences will happen more. Stay open. Listen.

Act Three:  (and I’ve already written about this on my Private Blog)
Yesterday I had a Reiki treatment in my home and house clearing/blessing and… I don’t think I’ve experienced this before either… but I would not be surprised if this clearing — of  me, essentially — wiped away some gunk and now I can see, hear, know more clearly.

Of course the day’s astrology didn’t hurt either. We were under a Moon Jupiter trine and a Venus Neptune trine. The firey Moon Jupiter aspect was fast moving but no less potent — for psychic stuff, flashes of insight, prophesy.

Venus Neptune too is intuitive. Accessing the Akashic Records may be as simple as a trip to the library. Your Inner Library.

If you think I’m obsessed with Scorpio and Scorpio Season, you would be right. It’s probably my favorite time of year. Samhain (Halloween) approaches. Also the Day of the Dead.

I created a New Moon in Scorpio altar last week, and I will do one for Halloween as well. I enjoy the process of bringing tribute to my relatives no longer here in body. For me it’s become a way to… transcend. Transcend any pain from when they were here. And to assert:


I am here and I can pay tribute. I can heal. I can release. I can set aside time to light candles and display keepsakes and set intentions to welcome peace and prosperity and love into my home.

My home.

I was alone this weekend. My other half was away at a conference. So the clearing didn’t even start with my Reiki Master/Reiki Friend. It started with me.

Let me give you a quote now, from a book I’m slowing making my way through, by Denise Linn. The quote is in reference to house clearing but as you can see, it has wide application:

Your Intention can be likened to a journey. Your overall Intention is your destination and your specific Intentions can be likened to signposts along the way.

What is your intention? In your relationship, in your home, in your job, in your family, in your life?
How clear are you?
How clear do you want to be.
Do you dare? To see?

Scorpio Season, if you get quiet, if you can get still, if you can stop and marvel at the nighttime sky, the moon and her attendants, if you can pay attention to what you hear, this season can bring you out of obscurity and into profound… not just knowledge, but experience.

The gal whose boyfriend got the Nine of Wands today… she was asking me:  WHAT IS THE MEANING HERE.

YES! I thought to myself. What is the meaning? And oh what a great question. I was cheering her on. Not everyone is a seeker, searcher, seer. But this gal, with her 9th House stellium? You betcha! They do not stop.

Let’s wind down this post now. What do we have here. Let’s lay out our tools on the table, on the field, let’s take another look:  we’ve got…

-the Two of Wands, multiple times
-the smoke of the Palo Santo (from my Reiki guy)
-the Wounded Warrior coming through for his lady

And pulling the Star (the Polestar) from my new beloved Wildwood Tarot deck for a young woman from the Eclipse class…

“Certain Navigation” is a key phrase for that card. That’s the image I want to leave you with. What does it mean to you? To have CERTAIN navigation, hmm?

Oh. Did you want me to put it all together? I don’t think I can…. yet.
But the tools, the clues, the signs, they are not in hiding anymore, not in Scorpio Season, when the veil is… so thin as to be nonexistent.

If you want to talk to your dead, then please talk to them. 
If you want to wish upon a star, then please wish. You have certain navigation. 
If you desire a new red hot lover, then please find the correct herbal bath recipe and accompanying ritual:)

I’ll end this post with another line from Ms. Linn:

If your overall intention is to create a safe and magical haven… so it will be. 

Wishing you good cards xx


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The High Priestess For Scorpio Season

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"venus in scorpio" It’s magical to go on Google and look at all the different images of the Tarot.

Just now I was posting on my Tumblr  pictures of the High Priestess and my understanding of her began to deepen. It’s not that different from digging in the Tarot books, uncovering layers of meaning from different writers. I’ve got an Angeles Arrien on my lap this morning and I quoted this:

The camel within the oasis symbolizes the return to the inner oasis or garden within. The camel also represents self-resourcefulness in its capacity to go long barren distances, yet always find the oasis.

And then I started scrolling — so many High Priestesses, even among the Coleman tradition. I began to see her blue lushness, no longer a flat, two-dimensional image. She opened to me and showed me her half moon and her crystal and her chair. Do we ever see a High Priestess not sitting down?

I keep scrolling and see more and more creative interpretations of this card — but often the lone female visionary (or with animal companion) staring straight at us, keeper of secret knowledge and the suggestion to “trust your intuition.” The night is also her companion. The moon. She shows us her many pomegranates. I remember once reading a discussion of whether the pomegranate was the forbidden fruit in the Garden of Eden. Or maybe I learned it in Mishnah class, years ago, ah…

When you see the High Priestess, when you pull this card, you are in passive mode, receptivity — it’s not the time to “go for it.” Instead, sit back and wait for the information to come. Or that that is HOW you go for it. By sitting still.

She’s on my mind this morning because I asked the Tarot a question and she was my first advice card, the first of three — the second one was The Fool, which definitely feels like an opposing pair to me! The Fool is off on an adventure and the Priestess is… here, inside us.

I will take her advice though. I will go the long (sigh) barren (sigh again) distance and, God willing, find my oasis.

I wish I could post all the images here of all the women, the face of feminine power, of which there are many.

The High Priestess does not doubt herself or her magic. She is not ashamed even when others (friends? family?) disparage or poke fun at her books or rituals, beliefs, interests, power, knowledge. She’s above all that. What time has she for pettiness or jealousy? None.

Power is one of THE Scorpio Season themes. Mastery of your power. Keeping yours, not giving it away to others who’d like to spin you like a top (which isn’t even personal! It’s just their habit). My astrology teacher used to make a distinction between self-control and self-mastery. Self-control feeling like… eyes shut tight, braced against the storm whereas in self-mastery your eyes are open. Her eyes are open.

If she looks/feels a little stiff to you in the Rider Waite deck, then please explore. You don’t even need to buy other decks. Stroll through Google, surround yourself with the master Tarot writers and she’ll open to you, one Saturday morning when you don’t know what’s next. I’ll quote Arrien again:

The High Priestess within one is working easily and effortlessly.

Is this you? 

Wishing you good cards xx


Write me at for information on my unique Tarot/Astrology readings. Special rates for folks who find me through Beliefnet.

Sun, New Moon, & Venus All In Scorpio! Of Course I Drew A Card :)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"venus in scorpio" Well, the biggest news is happening right now (although you, dear reader, may be reading this post after the fact).
Sun, New Moon, and Venus — all in sexy secretive Scorpio at zero degrees. And the Solar Eclipse of course.

I’m drawing a card for you right now and hmm the Ace of Pentacles.
Perfect for intention setting! The Aces begin. They are potential, possibility. You have a choice when you see an Ace.
The opportunity is here for the new start and the Pentacles mean… it will be real. It can be real.

Not pie in the sky rushing around Wands :) or idea-man-Air. Or even deep feeling poetry writing Cups. The Pentacles may be a “slow” energy, earthy, but like Saturn (astrologically speaking), Pentacles portend something you can hold in your hands, something you can touch. A healthier body. More coins in your pocket.

We enter a lush delicious world when we enter this Ace, and that heavenly hand, emerging from a cloud, palm open, offering you… yellow, the color of saffron and lemons and sunflowers, the color of sunshine and caution. As I wrote above, Pentacles are slow energy. An oak doesn’t grow in a day! When we draw cards seeking timing, Pentacles let us know it will be later, not sooner.

In the Rider Waite version of the card, there is an entrance, a portal, and I wonder: what’s on the other side of that lattice? What if you walked through? Who would be there, waiting for you?  We see a little patch of yellow between the grass and I wonder what it is. Yellow stones? The Pentacle or sun’s reflection? A little bit of Dorothy yellow brick?

I want to believe it is Spirit smiling down at us, warm, loving, sharing his/her wealth. The wealth that is already in our hands.

You know, eclipses are portals too. I suggest using this card as an object of meditation tonight, tomorrow, whenever you see this post.

Think about where you are now and where you want to be. And then go through.

Wishing you good cards xx


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Tarot For The New Moon Eclipse In Scorpio

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"new moon eclipse in scorpio" Eclipses are nothing to fear. It would be akin to fearing your life. The Eclipses ARE your life, reflecting your life back to you. The Moon as mirror.

I type this and realize: okay sometimes I DO fear my life. What was, what is, what will be.

All of it. I fear therefore I am.

But this upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse in the penetrating sign of Scorpio is nothing to fear. Instead, embrace its power. Keen insight. Self-protection. Strategy. Spiritual sexuality. Magic. Set an intention and then make a plan for yourself. I will head back to my dry-erase board for some brainstorming.

This Eclipse is infused with Goddess power. We see Sun, Moon, Venus, and asteroid Pallas Athena in alignment. Prepare a feast for this New Moon (October 23rd) and set a place for honored guests. You can choose special foods to represent Sun, Moon, Venus, Pallas and as you dine keep this in mind:

Sun:     you honor who you are, your purpose (even if mysterious to you)
Moon: you honor how you feel and what you need (even if others don’t approve)
Venus: you honor what you value and desire (you are unique)
Pallas: you honor your inner wisdom (and have the ability to turn dream into reality.)

You can draw a card for each, one for Sun, one for Moon, one for Venus, one for Pallas, and hmm how about one for your revealed intention (the one you state to the Universe) and one for you concealed intention (could be some confusion or self sabotage here). And then throw in one for:  this, absolutely THIS, you must pay attention to so that you can… live. Not just react, but live.  Not just slave away, but live. Not just hurt, but live. And by live I mean flourish. Bloom bloom bloom bloom bloom. Yes, October blooms.

I will draw just one card this morning. The Scorpio Secret to your New Moon:

The Knight of Cups! I like his pink and purple flowers and feelings. I like his helmet feather and goblet and golden armor. But I wonder to where he is gazing? Looks like at the cup itself. He is planning? He is brewing. He is surmising. He is sorcerizing. He is the Knight of Cups and he has feeling to offer you, sincerity to offer you, heart to offer you, a second chance to offer you. Or maybe it’s your third or fourth or fifth or trillionth. The Knight of Cups is on his way, the Knight of Cups is questing, the Knight of Cups loves a good purple mountain and brocade moment. He is psychic and sensitive and la la la.

Is this Knight you? 
Is this Knight in your life? Do you want him there? All flights of fancy and no practical Pentacles or truthy Air or hot passionate Wands?

So I drew one more and I am liking these cards. The Ace of Wands. Your fire is here. Finally. One may say that Knight’s water puts out the fire but I am feeling a progression of intent here. Start with feeling, start with the dream, and then pump blood right where you need it. Inject and invest your intent with life, the same life I was talking about above, blooming life. There is a flower at the tip top of the Wand.

These cards come bearing gifts. Will you accept? 

Wishing you good cards xx

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Bare Bones: Meditation on Sukkot and the Tarot Wands

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"Aliza Einhorn Sukkot" I think today is the last day of the Jewish holiday of Sukkot.

I use an astrological calendar, not a Jewish one, and anything but a Jewish calendar usually gets this stuff wrong — because the J Holidays start in the evening. In either case, today is the last day of Sukkot, or tomorrow is, and I woke up thinking about Sukkot this morning. About the Sukkah.

Not because I miss having a Jewish community, one to my liking, which is indeed part of my weekly ennui, but this morning it was my Rented Apartment ennui. Woke up feeling like it’s Sukkot year-round for many of us. From rented space to rented space to rented space. I have clients like this — moving every year or every few years. Pack. Unpack. Settle in. Time to go.

On Sukkot, we build temporary structure, shelter, and we live there all week. Eating our meals inside it. The devout sleep there. As you can imagine, there are many many rules. And sure a Sukkah isn’t as strong as a turn-of-the-century three story building on Staten Island but maybe it is… if we go a bit deeper.

What makes you feel safe? What makes you feel secure? What makes your home feel like home? Is it the roof? The walls? The plastic fruit? ;) The people? The Sukkah is bare bones but not bare bones at all.

When I was a kid, my father used to put up the Sukkah out back, by the pool, in the right hand corner of the patio. We would hang up plastic fruit and our colorful kids’ drawings. Pretty typical probably for North Miami in the 1970s. Not artsy but not these super strong heavy duty plywood ones that I used to see in my old neighborhood.

"Aliza Einhorn Four of Wands" Looking at pictures of Sukkahs on-line, I felt a pang in me so sharp. Some of them so magical. This is a question that I don’t have an answer for yet: how to blend my creativity with my eclectic spirituality and desire for community.  Sure the Sukkahs I used to know were filled with people and food and bees, but they were utilitarian and symbolic — not these living breathing sheltering magnificent temporary palaces. Sometimes I feel so hungry for ritual and art that I can’t breathe.

Oh. The Moon’s in Cancer today. Moon in Cancer always feel vulnerable in its crab shell. The Moon will trine stable Saturn, make a quincunx to Mars in Sagittarius, and square the Sun and Mercury in Libra. It squared Venus in Libra this morning. Yeah, kinda tense. Not so cozy.

I suggest you do things to make yourself feel better, rather than moping in your ennui. I’ve been doing housework all week, dusting, de-cluttering, organizing, sweeping. Lots and lots of sweeping.

What does this have to do with the Tarot? I couldn’t help but see the lulav (date palm fronds that are an intrinsic part of the holiday) as emblem of the Wands suit, especially as depicted in the Palladini Tarot, my new favorite deck. We shake and wave and bless with the lulav in the four directions and up and down, as if nodding to God: yup, you’re in charge!

According to some Kabbalistic sources, the lulav represents the spine, your spine. Have you ever shaken a lulav? Remember how stiff and strong it is? You could hurt someone with that thing. Remember the sound of the shaking leaves? So you shook and you shook and oh good lord I want to quote John Donne right now and why the heck not. “The world is charged with the grandeur of God. It will flame out, like shining from shook foil.”

The lulav is your strong place. The lulav is your strong spine. So when you see WANDS in your Tarot readings, even the harder Wands cards like the Seven and the Nine and the Ten, please know that you shook and you shook, from life, and you did not break. You are strong. Have you ever seen a broken Wand in a Tarot card? Nope. We see spilled cups. We see Swords on the ground. We see inert Pentacles. But Wands are fire. It never goes out.

Wishing you good cards xx


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