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"full moon eclipse in libra" I believe it’s possible to predict the future. Pure prediction. Not based on anything but… it.

I’ve done it. I’ve had it done for me. Am I always right? No.

Am I mostly right? How do we measure this? Maybe if I gather all my longtime clients together and we take a poll.

I think a lot depends on the clarity of the question and… let me try to put this into words. Some events to come are just SO DEFINITE that it is a YES YES YES screaming out at you.

Today I was asked to predict someone’s future. Love question. Relationship question. What is going to happen? What is the future here? Is there a future here?

I had accurately predicted the “hook up” which reminds me: one thing that annoys me as a Tarot Reader is when a querent asks me: is the thing you predicted STILL going to happen? The anxious double-check. (But, yes, I get it. I check in too!)

Also some questions are more exploratory or spiritual or philosophical or metaphorical and some are more YES NO.

Today I gave a YES NO and then some.

Yes there will be positive romantic development. This is how she feels. This is how she sees you. And then other details stream in that may or may not be part of the exact question asked but I need room to roam. That’s how it works to me.

I rarely get anything visual, pictures and the like. I get thoughts, words, phrases.

And I love my new Tarot deck, Tarot of the Hidden Realm because it fires up my intuition. It’s a “traditional” Tarot deck but there is enough originality and creativity in the imagery that my mind can fly over and through.

One of my favorite cards: the Three of Wands.

We don’t see a happy faery family in the Rider Waite. We see a man, his back to us. Ships coming in? It’s more commercial, career and achievement. But here we have a scene that, for me, surpasses the happiness and contentment of the Ten of Cups!

I love the way their bodies are the branches and the branches are their bodies and hair.

Yes, my friend, positive developments.

Do you see the future? What do you see? 

Wishing you good cards xx

"full moon eclipse in libra"

(photo by aliza)

Is there a decision you are delaying? A decision you are leaning on? Which way will you go?

We have the Two of Bows (Wands) here, from the WildWood Tarot. He’s grasping Decision no. 1 in his right hand. Decision no. 2 in his left. He’s in the middle. What will he (you) choose?

This weekend’s Full Moon Eclipse is in LIBRA, the sign known for its “waffling” and indecision. Fence-sitting! I know I know it’s an astrological cliche but look at this guy! He is not moving, feet planted firmly! And his two options are on fire! Eventually they will both burn up.

So I draw again, as I love to do, and we see Six Arrows (Swords), Transition. You are moving forward even when it doesn’t feel like it, and the decision WILL be made.

"full moon eclipse in libra"

(photo by aliza)

I think you are heading home.

Wishing you good cards xx

"page of swords tarot card"

(photo by aliza)

I kept picking the same cards, the same cards I’ve been seeing lately. Page of Swords? AGAIN? I don’t wanna! But then came the revelation which I described in a YouTube video the other day. Detach in the sense of rising above it. Cutting through intense emotions. Letting go.

I hadn’t even been posting on YouTube lately until yesterday I did a short video: Today’s Astrological Warning 😉 and then I did one today as well. Little vids. To the point. What the moon was up to and then a card.

And yesterday was a Page of Swords day. Today too.

There was a time, about a year ago, or a bit more, when I kept seeing this card. Saturn is retrograde now, heading back to my third house of writing and communications and siblings and short trips (all the astrological houses have various associations) and today I did speak to my sister and am probably planning a trip and have put some new attention into old writing projects that I’d left behind. Saturn returns!

Could it be that simple? Sometimes it is. Clarity. The Swords sometimes do refer to writing and communicating, speech, the voice, logical, rational thought, but also, often, conflict. They say the Page of Swords is defensive, wary. The spy. I felt some of that today too.

Something I particularly like about this card, this version of the card, from Tarot of the Hidden Realm, is the way I can’t tell if our young Page is pulling out the sword or putting it back. Maybe it’s obvious to some, but I like the ambiguity. She looks almost sleepy here. Is the battle done?

Now that I think about it, with the Moon in Cancer making all kinds of emotional aspects, it would be wise to put the sword down and away and listen to something higher — inner voice, inner power, freedom from irritating people 😉

I imagined my emotional state was a radio station and I turned it off. Changed the station. That was my Page of Swords moment. One of them. Anything having to do with writing these past couple days I also consider Page of Swords moments. The uncomfortable part is… not feeling like the King of Swords, in charge, but young, a kid with hope, with something to lose.

"full moon eclipse in libra"

(photo by aliza)

I can’t end on such a somber note so I draw again. Eight of Pentacles and he doesn’t have that “tinkering” feel that I often feel when I see the Rider Waite card. This Eight is fierce with his tongs and hot coins, examining them, perhaps planning a revision for number nine.

What to make of all this, the repeat images, the return to the past? I’m not entirely sure but I’m not going to draw again. I shall stop here. We want to believe we are going somewhere, step by step, some organization to the journey, and I do believe this and yet, sometimes the clues and keys don’t give us very much and we want answers.

For some reason today though, and yesterday, I was fine with that. Fine.

Wishing you good cards xx

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"full moon eclipse in libra" Many of you seem to be reporting similar experiences, post-Eclipse: exhaustion, irritation, difficulty sleeping.

The transits are not too too bad these two weeks between the Eclipses and yet it’s this… feels like this difficult caustic troubling bubble. Harder to hear the birds. I heard one just now: caw caw caw. Reminded me of home.

The Ace of Swords is today’s Tarot and I drew this card with a question in mind, a vague one perhaps, but something I don’t always do. Sometimes I draw just to draw, for the column.

The Ace of Swords, I recall, is victory. A good card. A YES. But it’s a sword! It’s sharp. Edges, edgy, pointy, pointed, painful, can hurt you, can slice — but we don’t have to think of the destruction and death of the sword, right? We can apply that edgy pointy destruction and death to our fears and our worries and just pierce through. Cut through. Victorious.

There is a grand hand from the clouds gripping the upright sword. There is a crown the sword is wearing! Or is it that the sword penetrates the crown and if so what does that mean?

It’s dark. Crescent moon. Purple flowers adorn the blade. And the clouds! What clouds! What clouds are these? Have you ever seen such clouds? They don’t just cluster. They guard.

Perhaps we are being told to strike at night, to seek victory after dark, but whose hand is this? Our own? An angel? God him/herself? Who is this incredible helper handing us AH YES THAT’S IT!

This incredible helper is handing us, is GIVING US, the Sword of Victory.

Remember: Aces are potential and possibility. Nothing is assured here but it’s a good start a very good start leading to…

the Eight of Wands (yes I drew again!). Once you get started, it won’t take long. Swift movement. Messages back and forth. And the Sun: success! But oh oh oh oh oh how heavy the sword is! What or who will help us carry it?

First of all, remember that it’s not you who has to carry it. You have help here. But let’s draw one more: the World 🙂

Are you feeling this? It’s all I want to feel. That it can be. That I can have.

Eclipses, if nothing else, shake things up, and sometimes for the better.

The upcoming Full Moon Eclipse is in Libra and it’s not a particularly friendly one. Both Uranus and Pluto make hard aspects to the Moon, causing stress (and emotional eating). Happy Jupiter makes an easy aspect though, a saving grace. You see the silver lining.

So if you meet a friendly Knight along the road, or God or Goddess or Helping Hand and she or he offers you a sword — think of it as your get-out-of-jail-free card — and take it.

It’s yours.

Wishing you good cards xx

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Tarot for the pause.
Tarot for the two weeks between Eclipses.
Tarot for the Crescent Phase, first quarter, Waxing Moon. Moon in Taurus.

"full moon eclipse in libra" The Faery Stallion: The Chariot! She looks triumphant, doesn’t she?

The Moon is Void of Course as I type this which means, among other things, it’s been a bit bizarre, chaotic, and uncomfortable for me, and it’s not always that way but a “usual” Taurus Moon is steady.

The Moon is “resting” when she’s void. Can be hard to get things done or to know what to do. We can’t “read” her like we usually do. She’s not quite the Taurus Moon we know and love but for sure she’s not Gemini. We’re not supposed to initiate new projects or plans under the void Moon although we are during a first quarter moon so wait until tomorrow morning, Tuesday.

A card for the pause, a card for the cause, one Eclipse has come and gone and a fiercer one’s a-coming, the Full Moon variety, March 4th, emotional, in Libra, representing the scales, balance, fairness, and justice, IMPOSSIBLE (I say) due to the Uranus Pluto square squeezing that pretty Libra Moon ’til her insides fuss out.

No balance, no fairness, no justice. What will we have instead?

Let’s draw a card for that 😉

"uranus square pluto astrology" Ten of Swords.

I am relying more on my intuition these days with my new deck, Tarot of the Hidden Realm (and disregarding traditional meanings at times) and what I want to say is this: it looks like an intense battle to me and at first we’re smiling, we’re riding, we’re waving, we’re young, our hair is blowing in the breeze, good times.

But there will come a time, there will absolutely come a time when we have to step down from the horse, grip our sword and not prepare to fight but FIGHT. I feel tired just looking at this card. Or maybe I was this annoyed this morning when the door bell rang and the cat was frightened and my roommate was yelling and I was indisposed and… it was a mess.

And yet this card feels like more than an inconvenience so I’ll ask the Tarot what the hell it’s about, what do we need to know:

Okay. Whew. Calm down everyone. You know what this is? This is an EMOTIONAL release. Eight of Cups. And let me try to find the words here because it’s the magnitude of this release that’s… hard for me to articulate.

"full moon eclipse in libra" Basically it’s time to walk away. There may be a literal walking away (bye!) or just that throwing-up-your-hands feeling, giving up. DONE. And it’s absolutely the right thing to do.

Wishing you good cards xx

"new moon eclipse in pisces" Now here’s a card I haven’t seen lately and synchronicity alert! A gal in one of the chat rooms was talking about this card – the Six of Swords, a card I have always liked. A soothing Swords.

We’re not piercing through like the Ace or undecided stalemate like the Two or in pain like the Three or even in repose like number Four and definitely not defeated like the Five. With the Six we are moving forward, we are in transition, we are crossing the water. 

Now I did have a reading once where my Tarot gal saw this card as sad but I usually don’t. She saw it as… the person who I was having the reading about going in the same sad direction, as always, muddling along.

Context matters, yes. 

But when I see this card usually? I know things are getting better.

New Moon Eclipse in Pisces is this Friday. Eclipses END and BEGIN cycles and the sensitives are already feeling this rush of energy urgency in the air. Sometimes Eclipses usher in shocking change. Now if you are a reader of astrology blogs you will read all kinds of things, some doom and gloom, some talking about the end of a 19 year cycle but I think the most important thing to note IS indeed the NEWNESS of it all and that this baby is being born in the Pisces House of your natal chart, at 29 degrees which is pretty damn powerful accumulated Pisces energy. ALL THE POWER OF PISCES in one place! In your chart! What does it aspect?

It may feel very Six of Swords to you, the slow crossing. Or it may feel very Judgement (another card I drew just now), the card of REBIRTH. I think you may feel BOTH: the huge hallelujah shift that hesitates before the breakthrough. Or it’s that you are totally reborn right here right now but you still have to… get somewhere and that somewhere is in real time. Know what I mean? You’re not the same person, but you still have to take out the garbage.

Set an intention for this one. Don’t miss it. I’ve got a spell going already and I know my candles won’t be done by Friday so it will cover and lover the Eclipse energy and I’ll make sure to include a special devotion before I got to bed on Thursday night and thus wake up from my dead slumber life Friday morning into the NEW.

Wishing you good cards xx

"uranus square pluto"

(Photo source: Pinterest)

I did not draw this card for this column. In fact I cannot remember why I drew it. Probably for someone today, in some context, maybe the class I’m running but I honestly cannot remember now. It’s a good card, the Lovers, the one we love to see, especially when asking love questions. I remember last year, November, getting a LOVE reading from a Tarot reader (yes I get readings as well as give them) and the Lovers was one of MY cards. And it came up again as well. I love the Lovers.

Okay okay okay NOW I REMEMBER (and please excuse my fading memory) but now I remember. It was a card for ME. So count that as three times. I was drawing a few cards from the WildWood Tarot to see the “energy around” Venus entering Taurus and Venus is now at 0 degrees Taurus and I pulled:

The Blasted Oak (Tower! Boo!), Two of Arrows (Swords), and then The Lovers. And in this deck this Two has a far darker meaning than I ever feel from the Rider Waite (it’s called Injustice in this deck, the scales are not balanced).

So there I am. Thrown from a tree, blindfolded, and in love? Loved?

Ah Tarot Reader reads for herself. I admit, sometimes I can’t and sometimes I can and I never want to see the Tower. I don’t want to be shocked, surprised, or thrown from a great height, tree branches breaking, flames nipping at my ankles and heels.


Maybe we can see this card as freedom. Release. IF ONLY SHE KNEW WHERE SHE WAS FALLING. But does that defeat the purpose of a fall? To know where? And how? And when?

Change is scary. I was fine in that treehouse, wasn’t I, with all its branches intact? And then the Two of Arrows lady who refuses to see that the gold on the scale weighs the same as a feather. She refuses to see what has to change to GET to the Lovers.

Venus, they say, is at home in Taurus because she “rules” Taurus. If you are curious what this transit has in store for you, try pulling a few cards but don’t be surprised if they tell you what you may *not* want to know — that your happy ending may be paved with Towers and Arrows too.

Wishing you good cards xx

"queen of pentacles"Court Cards are not always “them.” Court Cards are not always YOU. Court Cards are also situations. The environment. Events.

I did a simple three-card spread for myself this afternoon, to check the energy around something. This is a spread my teacher used to do:

Card on left: Person A
Card on right: Person B or matter at hand
Middle card: the energy between.

And from there you ride the intuitive wave 🙂

What did I draw?

King of Pentacles. King of Swords. Queen of Pentacles.
THREE Court Cards.
One small spread.

To me, this itself is remarkable. More than one of ANYTHING and I take note. I take note of spreads that are mostly Major or mostly Minor or mostly Court and here with three chances they are all of a piece.

What does it mean?

Honestly, dear reader, I’m not willing, yet, to reveal the mystery and meaning behind this spread but I will say a few things, free-associating:

Pentacles are stable. Pentacles are not hungry (well the “good” Pentacles are not hungry). In the deck I’m using this evening the King of Pentacles is quite fatherly, even grandfatherly, an older man, with a young faery child by his side. He clearly loves her to pieces and is taking care of her. King of Swords is also stable but alone with his Sword, his mind, his skills.

See, Kings have to be grounded; they have Kingdoms to rule. They aren’t Knights all rushing about and they aren’t Pages who aren’t responsible for rules or laws or being in charge. AND they are not Queens, which is the rank I find hardest to decipher and it really depends on who you read (and your intuition). Are they as powerful as Kings but merely in the social sphere and at home? Kindly, helpful Queens. Even the Queen of Swords helps you with her wisdom.

So if we are dealing with two people, we can say they are on an even footing as Two Kings, but with different strengths perhaps: earthly realm versus the realm of the mind, air. One of them enjoys the elements and the lushness of the grove and the other? Oh, he is thinking. Very busy THINKING. Preoccupied.

Between them then is this Queen and her apple (as she is pictured in the Tarot of the Hidden Realms) and I do take her as more symbolic and situation-y than as a PERSON per say.

OR if she is a person then she is what the two of them create together. Nourishment. Feeding. Fertility. Sweetness. Apple-ness. Milk. The lushness of the grove. The first fruit. Edenic. Woman as PLACE. What they create together.

Another way to read this Queen: “a woman in the middle” i.e. if Card A and Card B represent people then this woman in the middle may literally be that, getting in the way of something desired by Card A, Card B, or both.

What I’m thinking: that the King of Pentacles SEES the Queen of Pentacles, WANTS to see the Queen of Pentacles but the truth is… his Queen may be a King. Know what I mean? The King of Pentacles is projecting somewhat and hoping for this lush grove of a mate when in reality, at this time… Person B is not embodying Queen of Pentacles energy at all, but King of Swords energy.

And yes there are other ways to read it, but I think I will leave you with that one for now except to say this: Queen of Pentacles as what one would create with another, well, I very much look forward to what comes next 🙂

Wishing you good cards xx

"the uranus pluto square" The Ace of Wands is an idea. A spark. The Ace of Wands is a great card to see when you feel like giving up and have no clue where or what or how or why. The Ace of Wands assures us that fire exists. LIFE exists. We exist. We are permitted to hope.

I was writing about the Wands suit the other day, that ALL the Wands are about courage and confidence and the Ace? The Ace, they say, is the embodiment of the suit thus even more so. More hope. More fire. More spark. The Wands DARE.

In the Tarot of the Hidden Realms deck we see a cute fox (well, I think foxes are cute) with his attentive ears and smart snout and oh yes he’s fixated on something over there, in the distant wild, in the Hidden Realm. We can’t see it, we don’t know it, but he’s on to something.

This card is PERFECT for the skies right now. Difficult astrological aspects this week and next. You may feel stressed, upset, at your wit’s end, losing your grip, or maybe you thrive under this weather, as one gal in one of my chat rooms was saying.

And then I drew three SEVENS in a row and a quick Google search will lead you to all kinds of fascinating seven-ology but what I want to tell you about the Tarot seven is this: it is UNCERTAIN. It is not set in stone. It is not done. The Ace of Wands showed us that we’re alive and we’re allowed to dream still. The three Sevens then show the options, potential paths this foxy fire energy can take or that we can follow.

The Seven of Pentacles sits still, resting, and will give birth in the coming months. The Seven of Swords is the night sky, already on his way, but pausing, contemplating. And the Seven of Wands peers up into the heavens, not knowing if she’s been heard but waiting for reply.

We are being shown the unknown here. We are being shown exile and confusion and faith.

Which Seven are you? Does the Ace of Wands provide enough light? And are you clever enough to figure out which road is right?

Wishing you good cards xx

"uranus pluto square" So I keep seeing the Six of Wands. For myself, for others. I KEEP SEEING THE SIX OF WANDS.

And I was telling a client today that ALL WANDS are about courage and confidence. The victory may not be a sure thing. The sure thing is that you should try. Be brave and TRY. And that’s what creates the Sure Thing.

What is she holding in her hands? The Six of Wands from the Tarot of the Hidden Realms deck… her hands remind me of an energy-moving exercise like in Qigong. She’s showing us her palms, which then reminds me of a gal in one of the chat rooms talking about using her palm center (chakra) as her magick wand and I love the fiery red haired Wands women of this deck, but what is she holding, what is she showing us?

So I draw another card: Temperance. Again with the important hands, with the mudras, but now the hands are away from us, not towards us. The hands are concerned with the water flowing between two cups. She looks down whereas Six of Wands looks up.

But the original question was: what is the Six of Wands fire lady showing us?? I think she’s telling us to open. Our heart. The heart. Your heart. See with the eyes of your heart. And from there? You win. You already are in balance.  Open. Soften. See.

Astrologically speaking, the next two weeks are nuts. Just know that. You may be perfectly fine but everyone around you? It’s a crap shoot. Unpredictable. We’ve got Mars making rough aspects this week, Saturn going retrograde, Mercury changing signs, the last Uranus Pluto square AND an Eclipse!

I drew the Eight of Pentacles for all this, your advice card. You know this guy right? He’s very Virgo. Tinkering. I always think he looks like a shoemaker. I do a double take. It’s Pentacles that he’s hammering out. Making magick books maybe. Truth is he’s doing more than tinkering puttering.

I know a woman who recently had surgery and she’s in pain but she’s recovering. Her surgeon says everything is fine, all X-rays are fine, surgery was fine, perfect, but she’s got to do her exercises and stretches and possibly going to physical therapy soon and PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE says the Eight of Pentacles.

Practice victory 🙂

Wishing you good cards xx