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You Are Not Alone: The Hermit

posted by Aliza Einhorn

I was happy to see the Hermit this morning as I was checking what card to blog about next. From the power of the Chariot to the passion of Strength to the solitude of the Hermit. Alone time. Introspection. Guidance. […]

Without Hazard: Thoughts On The Strength Card

posted by Aliza Einhorn

I was looking through one of my ginormous airtight containers this afternoon and found folders and manilla envelops of papers and photographs and old bills and letters of reference from professors and rejections from poetry magazines but the best find were the […]

The Chariot: You Got This

posted by Aliza Einhorn

In one of the chat rooms this morning, a gal mentioned that she hadn’t see the Chariot in a long time. She draws cards for herself every morning, and she’s been sick for a couple weeks now. One of the […]

Hello Young Lovers! (And Lovers of All Ages)

posted by Aliza Einhorn

Everybody’s favorite card. The Lovers. Everybody loves love. Who doesn’t love to see the Lovers? But open almost any Tarot guidebook and you’ll see that the Lovers often represents a choice and is the card associated with the sign Gemini, […]

Who’s Afraid Of The Hierophant?

posted by Aliza Einhorn

I have some clients who do not relate to this card at all — but I grew up in a traditional home, a religious home. I grew up WITH religion. So I get it. I “get” the rules. That there […]

Hey Emperor, What’s With The Ram Heads?

posted by Aliza Einhorn

He’s sitting on his stone throne, not moving. Not flexible, nope. Like he was born there, sprung from the big chair. He’s got a gold crown and a suit of armor. His throne is adorned with rams’ heads. He’s head […]

Is This You, Dressed In Blue? Thoughts On The High Priestess

posted by Aliza Einhorn

Sometimes I feel like I will burst apart from feeling. Burst apart like a star. Contrast this feeling with the High Priestess, one of our Tarot women. She’s not operatic. She’s interior. She’s a long dark hallway leading to a […]

And I Don’t Want To Be A Crone: Thoughts On The Empress Tarot Card

posted by Aliza Einhorn

Wait. Is it too late? I don’t want to be a Crone. Not yet. Not saying NEVER. Just “not yet.” These words in my head as I rode the Uptown train to Penn Station this morning. These words in my […]

Real Deal: More Thoughts On The Magician Card

posted by Aliza Einhorn

You can find Part One of The Magician here I don’t have that many Tarot decks. Less than ten decks, I think. I’d have to count them to know for sure. Trust me, this is nothing. And in every one […]

Miss X And Her Magician

posted by Aliza Einhorn

You can’t always trust the Magician. Sometimes this card will show up when you have the consummate skills to accomplish the task at hand, be it the first day on a new job or a walk around the block after […]

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