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In the Cards

Today’s Tarot: Six of Pentacles!

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"saturn in sagittarius" I like shuffling the Tarot Illuminati because it is so thick and hard to shuffle, and we see the Six of Pentacles this morning, one of those complex cards according to Rachel Pollack (who I love love love love).

But even with my glasses, which I need to read, I get a bit overwhelmed by the detail in this card, far fussier than the Rider Waite version, which actually I think is KEY here.

For me, this is a card of financial anxiety. I know we tend to see and feel that with the FIVE of Pentacles for example, but the theme continues with the Six, even though we are often assured that we’ll get what we need — specially if we ask.

Is this a card of charity? Of begging? Of getting? Of giving? They couple in the card hold open their hands BECAUSE they need. They wouldn’t be on their knees otherwise and thank heavens for this kindly gentleman who may be God or Angel or best friend or bank or mysterious benefactor. Important to note that he looks peaceful, not upset. I think he’s happy to help, and yet. And yet who wants to be on their knees hoping for a coin? To which bill today shall we send this coin?

"six of pentacles" Thinking of the other Sixes: we don’t feel triumphant as in the Six of Wands. We’re not crossing the river as in the Six of Swords. We’re not rekindling old love Six of Cups style. Instead we are receiving gifts. REMEMBER THAT. You get what you need here. You’ll make it.

How to deal with being in this vulnerable position? What helps? I draw again. Empress.

Remember who you are, your true nature, despite any financial or physical (Pentacles rule over health matters as well) fluctuation.

You will harvest, you will harvest, you will harvest, says Empress. You ARE the harvest. Don’t give up.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Knight of Swords (And the Full Moon in Virgo)

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"full moon in virgo"

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

It’s windy. He’s rushing. He’s rushing. It’s windy. Even the clouds are edgy, jagged edges. Horse in a hurry, aggressive sword, tilted. Trees tilted. It’s all a bit… skewed for the Knight of Swords. I think he’s too frantic to really know. Or he decided. He DID know. And then BAM. Out the door, onto the beast, into the day. And he will go all night, he will go all night, he will go all day and all night if he must. He’s on a mission, as Knights are. He is to rescue, as Knights do. No choice.

Next week we have a Full Moon in Virgo and I know some of my readers are a bit on the witchy side (or more than a bit!) and shall be preparing their altars and spells and Full Moon manifestation and releasing spells in advance of that day, March 5th. They may even get Knight of Swordsy about it, with passion and power and pleasure yes pleasure in the ride, in the hunt. To where are you going, young Knight? 

He puts MIND first. He’s our intellectual, logical Knight, happy to debate you and blunt, he will cut you with his Sword which is his mind, his intellect, his logic and yet for me most of all this is Knight of Chase, Knight of Speed, and yes Knight Knowledge of Which He Is Certain m’lady. Sudden. Grasping. Exploring. Red cape, blue sky.

So the Moon is waxing, fattening up, filling out. In the sign of Gemini as I write this, which is also Mercury ruled but what to make of a Full Moon (Full FEELING) in the sign of Virgo, the nurse, the servant, the tightly wound, the personal organizer, healer, kitchen witch, perfectionist, Hermit, do-gooder, give ’til it hurts Virgo maiden. She, also, rescues. She may not hunt except to see who she can help. My Moon sign actually. Since you asked. I LIKE ORDER. I like CLEAN too but I like order even more. I like the bins gone through and the bookshelves dusted and I like living with cats. I think I may be a cat. Mrrr.

Full Moon will trine Pluto this time around which means strong feelings yes but it’s manageable. And creative. Profound. That’s the Pluto part. Adding depth to the wave. The the trine makes it easy to feel. Not painful.

From D.J. Conway’s Moon Magick book:

Storm Moon, Hunger Moon, Wild Moon, Red & Cleansing Moon, Quickening Moon, Big Winter Moon, and some correspondences include: myrrh, sage, primrose, wisteria, amethyst, rowan, cedar, unicorn, eagle, Juno, Brigit, Diana, Demeter, Persephone, forgiving yourself, and making future plans. I love that book for her Correspondence lists alone!

The Full Moon is you coming out of hiding and the Knight of Swords is similarly unashamed and yet… VIRGO, who rules not shame but the untainted. You know what I think? I think Virgo lets down her hair this Full Moon. I think Virgo says what she wants and wants what she says and that Sword in her hand isn’t a weapon of sharp talk (she can be so very critical) or rabid advice-giving but, instead, slicing and dicing through her own small daily agony — and without shame. She need not learn it.

Sing to it. Dance to it. Embrace this Full Moon. That’s my Virgo Moon suggestion for you.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: The Hanged Man

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"the hanged man" Are you or are you not a sacrifice?

I just drew the Hanged Man for someone and went to Google some images for her and saw a Charlie Brown Hanged Man and he looked so damn unhappy but the message I was delivering to her was not an unhappy one but “don’t struggle against the ropes” which reminded of a line from poet Killarney Clary:

“As you struggle with the boat it drifts out and turns until I see only your back…”

I could not find this poem on-line but I found the book on my shelves. I used to have a habit of inscribing in pen or pencil where and when I bought a book, along with my name. Aliza Einhorn. Iowa city, Iowa. Fall 1994. I had had a class with her. She inscribed the book:  to Aliza, that what you hear feeds you.

So I pull the Hanged Man for the girl and I tell her it’s not a week for outcomes or results or perfect hems but waiting yes and surrender and devotion and the card of the mystic and then I pull The Magician thus she can, she must, do this skillfully, as she waits without struggling against the ropes.

“I don’t try to imagine that I hear you or that you had anything to do with what I see…”

Obscure. I didn’t read a full review of this book but as I was searching for the poem on-line that word caught my eye in reference to her work: obscure poems. I don’t know what that means exactly or inexactly. And maybe the Hanged Man is similarly obscure. We don’t know. We wait.

What we DO know, in the words of Vickie Noble, who created the Motherpeace Tarot deck: voluntary surrender to a death and resurrection process.

I haven’t been outside yet today. I assume it’s cold but I don’t know how cold. The sun is shining though the clouds through the windows of the Big City. I will also take the Hanged Man’s wisdom for myself today and this week. Not rush but go slow. The process goes on whether or not we notice but better if we “see what happens” (writes Noble).

Peace after some difficult time (writes Rachel Pollack) is another interpretation of this card.

So which is it? Are you suspended because you are grieving and waiting? Or are you done grieving, but still waiting?

I don’t know.  And that’s also the Hanged Man. We are uncertain, unsure but secure. Noisy Monday says shhh quiet now quiet now. Okay, Hanged Man. I surrender.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Ten of Cups!

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"new moon in aquarius"

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

And what a beautiful card we see today, the Ten of Cups, one of the happiest cards in the deck. I’ve gone traditional this morning, got my Rider Waite here, and we see a happy couple with arms outstretched, dancing children under a rainbow. It’s more than contentment but contentment is part of it.  Joy. Dare I say… ecstasy. But the ecstasy of full heart family life. No one goes hungry. The ten cups are full. Are they showing it to us? What they have? They do not face us, but this gesture of… it’s a theatrical gesture oh what a beautiful day. No, they don’t notice us at all. They don’t have to.

You know, Tarot shows you what is possible, within your reach and already there. The cards aren’t here to taunt you so… if you see the Ten of Cups then you have the Ten of Cups — or it’s on the way. It’s in your energy. You are drawing it in. You are giving it out. Important also to remember that Cups are feelings and this card, to me, is… the best most you can feel and positively. It’s not the delusional Seven of Cups or the shiny beginning Ace of Cups or even the self-satisfied Nine of Cups. The Ten is the top.

In astrological news, we have a busy busy week. TODAY: New Moon in late Aquarius (or early Pisces, depending who you ask), Sun enters Pisces, and also this week Venus and Mars enter ARIES. We swim, we fight ;)

Sometimes it’s like this — energy shifting all at once, and then other weeks are relatively slow, with just the Moon making exact aspects. We are also not that far from Eclipse Season :) the first, a Total Solar Eclipse is at 29 Pisces on March 20th, the Spring Equinox.

Let me draw one more card for y’all: for the New Moon, which is the dark time, the time to wish and hope in secret. We set intentions.

"new moon in aquarius' Eight of Wands!! I would say… make sure to set one, set intentions, perhaps even a more complex ritual than you usually do. Because the Eight of Wands is a YES to me. Incoming. Remember the Eight of Wands is the one pip card (in the RW) without a person in it. Elemental. All fire. It is yours. Now what do you choose?

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: The Tower!

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"saturn in sagittarius" The Tower isn’t always bad. I used to think the Tower was always bad. I would often see it for BAD — for evictions and my best friend’s cancer and another eviction and BAD.

But when I saw it today for a client who I’ve worked with quite a bit over the years, I KNEW it was not bad. I knew.  See, Tarot reading is an interpretive intuitive ART.  And I think it’s different for everyone, which chakra you engage with the most. Do you get thoughts? Do you get feelings? How the information comes to you is mysterious and different for everyone.

So today when I was talking to this fabulous Aries and she told me about her new project and I saw the Tower and I did NOT feel bad inside AT ALL, I thought to myself: thought forms falling away. I thought: this project is going to change her life. I had to dismiss, in a sense, the gruesome image and then moments  after the reading I went to consult one of my Tarot references from my personal occult library and there it was, sounding like a Saturn Return: the unnecessary constructs GONE.

And funny I was making my video for Cancer (my sign), pulling the card for myself  (and the collective) and I even said it: NOOOOOOOO TOWER!!! And there was no Tower. But today’s Tower? For my Aries gal? It was good.

Now of course life is long and this project is just beginning so who knows, but then she said it could change her course of study in school and I leaped! Not literally but my whole insides LEAPED YES THAT’S IT!!

It could be big she said. It could be big, I agreed. It will definitely be big. Tower big. Mind blown. Life changing.

I still don’t wish to see the Tower but I’m glad I had a good Tower moment today, to file away, for the next time.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: King of Cups!

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"king of cups"

(Photo Source: Pinterest)

Mourn if you must, mourn. But don’t get it on me, says the King of Cups. I’ve got a job to do. I’m busy. Can’t you see? I am busy curtailing and corralling the emotional life of MY Kingdom and MY Cup is bigger than yours. My capacity to hold and withhold is bigger than yours.  It is gold, it is MINE. I am in charge of your cloud ships and your dolphins and your blue and your blue green, all of it. Oceania. I am looking at you.

Sometimes when I see the King, ANY King, I feel I’m not in charge and I’m being charged with the task of becoming more kingly, whether or not I unseat him, and that’s how I’m feeling this evening. That I’m up against this King and I need to get my power back and rule over me (rather than the King ruling over me) which is something that’s been on my mind anyway. It could be another person. It could be our unconscious motivation. But think about it this way, that when you see a King, you need to be a King.
King of Cups = your emotions do not rule you. You rule them. GET A GRIP.

One of my Tarot books describes this King as sincere, compassionate, helpful, wise, all that good Cups stuff, good Water sign stuff, but we also must remember that Kings DO and Kings ACT. You may be called on to emulate this King or you may be sitting next to him.

And yet I can’t escape the darker meanings of this card that I’ve come to know: a Water King who cannot let his water flow because he has to rule and truth is, when I see this King in readings, the darker meaning is often accurate. His feelings truly are deep BUT… Kings aren’t supposed to cry. Not for our eyes anyway.

Truth is you have to do readings for people over and over and over, for other people not just you and your multiple personalities but friends and family and strangers and start telling them things that you’d have no way to know but you know anyway. And then you’ll really see what this King means for you and what all the other Kings mean for you and you’ll feel less alone because you’ll be tuning in to the collective, the Akashic Record, and that’s just, in my humble opinion, a worthy pursuit.

See, the answers ARE out there. And all us psychics, readers, intuitives, we are always trying to get them. We all want to be right.

Now I know Tarot isn’t JUST a predictive tool but who doesn’t like a little fortune telling with their soul searching? I know I do.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Five of Wands

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"five of wands" Could be arguments, yes, when you see the Five of Wands. Squabbling. OR it could be… hammering it out. Something is being built though. There is discussion for sure. Doesn’t have to be a fight-fight. I mean, when I look at the Rider-Waite I feel hopeful that they can work it out, the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 folks seemingly at cross-purposes. I have hope for them. After the 5 comes the 6 — and the 6 is VICTORIOUS. We have to go through the 5 FIRST. (And yes I do wonder if wearing red tights helps or wearing green tights helps. Yes I do wonder this.)

It’s not a bad card, really it’s not. There is ENERGY here, action. Lively display of teamwork! Of course if you are doing a love reading or a first date reading and this shows up instead of the Two of Cups you may be disappointed (except for the Marsy folks reading this) BUT how about some lively conversation? Nah. You just want smooth sailing and chemistry. I know you. I know what you want. Two of Cups all the way. Two of Cups, Ace of Cups, The Loverssssssssss.

But, listen, at least the people here are DEALING with each other. This isn’t the Four of Cups repression and refusal or even the Four of Pentacles withholding. I know I know it looks stressful. Dude on the left is shouting. Dude next to him looks to be struggling with his Wand and… weapons. The Wands are weapons here. Potential weapons. Let us make peace before things get out of hand. Let us get this thing built, one Wand at a time.

Practitioners of magick may use a Wand made of tree, a Wand made of crystal, a Wand made of metal — to move and direct their energy. I use my finger so the Wand is not just an extension of my body. The Wand IS my body. (My entire body. Body as Wand. Body as divination tool, divining rod, body as pendulum.)

I think, with the Five of Wands, the wee humans have forgotten that they are powerful. They think they need to shout or fight to get their message across, to stay alive. And you know what? Sometimes they do. Sometimes we do. But not always.

When you see the Five of Wands, you are fighting but you may not need to fight. What happens when you put your weapon down? I’m not saying you DO need to relax and take it. Sometimes you have to take a stand, but pick your battles. Know what, or who, is worth it.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Seven of Cups!

posted by Aliza Einhorn

Seven of CupsThis card came up earlier today when I was doing a video forecast for Aries, for the week of February 9th. The Seven of Cups. And I remembered seeing it just days earlier for a monthly forecast but couldn’t remember which sign and… this blog post so far feels very Seven of Cups to me, a bit neither here nor there, confused.

What is the difference between these?
1. Confusion
2. Overwhelm
3. Buffet of options.

Does perspective make all the difference in the world? 

Remember that Cups are emotions, feelings, your social life, other people. So when you see the Seven of Cups you are dealing with a bunch of emotions and a bunch of people (probably) and you don’t know how you feel and I think that’s okay because when you see the Seven of Cups you have to NOT DROWN, not worry about precision. I mean, you can’t worry about precision because you are in oceania.

Now if we want to draw an advice card then yes we can do that. But sometimes, really, we need this. We need this not knowing. We need this water. We need these little creatures in the little cups, snake, moon, fire, flower, rainbow, sun (I am looking at the Palladini deck).

Ah. Now I remember. Telling folks last week that they didn’t have to sip from each cup, that not every cup was for them. The idea of… not needing to try it all. Better not to try it all. Maybe even just… gaze at cup.

Seven always leads to Eight and I just pulled the Eight of Wands. And then the Two of Wands. I feel optimistic. You’ll figure it out. You won’t wander oceania forever. Two of Wands, two paths. From the mystical Seven to the forceful Eight to the Choosy Two. You will parse, you will discern, you will decide. You will cull, glean, harvest those Seven Cups into Eight Frames/Flames of Mind until only two remain, two fiery thrilling possibilities.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Ten of Pentacles!

posted by Aliza Einhorn
"10 of Pentacles"

(Photo Source: Wikipedia)

I am so happy to see a happy card! And I don’t think I’ve ever blogged about this card before. The couple in the version of the card that I’m looking at (from the New Palladini) has their back to us. The man has his hand on his partner’s back. Ten Pentacles float above them, as part of the archway. We see castle, cloud, moon, mountain, green. Are they heading home? They must be. Maybe out for a midnight stroll.

I enjoy seeing this card almost as much as I enjoy seeing the 10 of Cups and this card is working double-duty today in that I pulled it for myself, for my day, not just for this column. It’s a card of peace. Yes the meaning will vary according to context and querent and question and surrounding cards but overall for me it’s a positive one even though one time I had a reader bring to my attention the fact that the folks in the Rider Waite version aren’t looking at each other and thus may lack in intimacy and over-focus on the material.

To me this card has everything. Togetherness (and the togetherness is blatant in the Palladini version), home, the world. For some, maybe, it would be isolating, but who knows who is waiting for them in the castle. Could be a party or celebration or ritual. At home in the world. Content. And since it’s Pentacles we must assume their earth-needs have been assured, taken care of.  No struggle here, nope.

And it’s not just lack of struggle, but abundance. Wealth. Fortune. Luxury. To quote Joan Bunning: “This is the card you will see if you are wondering how your latest enterprise will turn out.”

The 10 of Pentacles is also giving us a more subtle message, that 10 of Pentacles life is what we should be working towards, material security and strength — but again much depends on what you ask and how you ask.

Wishing you good cards xx

Today’s Tarot: Nine of Cups!

posted by Aliza Einhorn

"venus in pisces" I was praying. Really, I was praying. Out loud. Something like this:


I didn’t even mean good in terms of Good News but one that I hadn’t seen lately or one that would be fun to write about.

Nine of Cups guy: he’s not going to let you down. He’s got Nine Cups of what you need. Taste one and then taste another, until you’ve sipped each nectar.

The other day I was writing about the Two of Swords. Blindfolded she, and guarding her heart.

And now He with his arms across his chest but heart is open. If you were sitting next to him, you could touch it. You could put your ear against it. Hear it. His body likes your body, O Querent, but there is no longing here. The deal has been sealed. That’s why he looks so happy. At you. This card is pure gift. Count your blessings when you see it because you have many to count, far more than Nine. Nine is an illusion.

They call this the Wish card. Wish Come True card. Feeling pleased, feeling pleasure. Some say he looks smug but maybe after all these years, you deserve it, a little swagger.

For the astrologically interested:

Venus entered Pisces today. Venus is blessing the Pisces sector of your chart, joining Mars (and Neptune and Chiron). It will square Saturn in Sagittarius, just as Mars did — which is another reason to love seeing the Nine of Cups today: because Venus square Saturn is the antithesis of ease in matters of heart and desire. Venus square Saturn sets up a false limit. You believe you aren’t enough. Aren’t good, pretty, worthy enough.

I want to caution you: do not take any somber moods to heart or any self-esteem dips to heart this week.

If you want to work with Venus Saturn magic, here’s a thought:

Saturn, in astrology, is structure. Saturn rules bones and skin: the stuff that hold you up, holds you in, keeps you together, protects you.

Venus is your love nature. Venus, among other things, rules apricots and apples and bouquets and nectar and peaches and perfume and roses and swans and suitors and…

A square between two planets, in general, reveals tension or tightness, strain, pressure, even restlessness. Ill at ease.

When Venus and Saturn are squaring, we may not feel we can express our love or our sexuality or our desire. We inhibit our roses and swans.

So one thing you can do is create a structure. This will make serious Saturn happy. Create a structure for your heart, for your art, for your desire. A structure for your roses and swans. This will make Venus happy. Sew something. What is that you say? Can’t sew? Me neither. But there are other ways.

What that structure should be is up to you and your Venus, but with Venus transiting Pisces I’d say there really is no limit. Pisces, Neptune, and the 12th House represent (among other things) the mighty merge. Example: the ocean. Can you separate the waves? You cannot separate the waves. You are not separate from the ocean. Just like you cannot separate the kiss of true lovers.

This truth that I have just presented to you is the limit itself, the fear. In other words: the knowledge that you really can have what you want and being okay with that.

Wishing you good cards xx


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