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By Mallika Chopra Today, on 9/11, I will remember honor my role as a mom to nurture my children, the global citizens of tomorrow. What will you do on 9/11? I was 5 months pregnant on 9/11. When the first […]

By Kanika Sethi for In the last week, there has been a publicity blast for a new memoir, “Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother” written by Amy Chua, a professor at Yale Law School and first generation Chinese-American. Her […]

I have a confession to make. I regularly let my kids watch television while eating meals. Well, lets make that several confessions. I find planning dinner, and meals, in general quite stressful. I am not a natural cook, and get […]

Dear Friends,I have just completed a project called the Biology of Love in celbration of Mother’s Day. I’m very excited about ths project with thevisualMD and I hope you enjoy it.Love,Deepak deepakchopra.comFollow Deepak on Twitter

I struggle almost every day to get my younger daughter to eat fruits and vegetables.  Since she was a baby, she has just refused to open her mouth to certain foods, and I have tempted all sorts of games, rewards, […]

With childhood obesity, autism and other childhood disorders on the rise, everyone from doctors to teachers and parents are seeking solutions for better health. At the most basic level, everyone can agree that kids can benefit from eating healthier.Truth is, […]

With a smile, I read about a sweeping contract between Michael Jackson’s Estate and Sony Records that will make Michael’s music alive for years – decades – to come. I smile because I have witnessed in the last 9 months […]

This morning, I was rushing out of the house to drop off my daughter to school when I saw a tweet that captured my attention because it expressed sadness and had some celebrity names associated with it. So, I linked […]

Last week’s concert in NYC which reunited Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney  has once again brought attention to Transcendental Meditation.  It’s quite historic for the two surviving Beatles to perform together, and the concert brings back images of the Foursome’s […]

by Lissa Coffey from There is an ancient Indian principle that says if you want to check if your rice is ready, then you just test a few grains. The grains are representative of the status of the entire […]