Deepak Chopra and Intent

Deepak Chopra and Intent

The Jesus Inside Me (by Mallika Chopra)

posted by Mallika Chopra

Last night, I took my daughters to watch my father at his book signing at the local Barnes and Noble for his new book, The Third Jesus. . They were so thrilled to see “Nana” talking in front of people, and Tara, my six year old, whispered to me excitedly, “He told all of them that we were his grandchildren!!” Leela, my three year old, was most interested in pretending to color during his short talk, even though she knew so many people were watching her.
After my father finished speaking, we rushed out to get the kids home to bed. A young man – probably a college student – rushed up to us as we were heading out.
He asked me, “Are you Deepak’s daughter?”
“Yes,” I replied.
He opened his notebook, looked at his scribbles, and asked, “Did he say that Jesus Christ is actually ourselves?”
I smiled. The thing is for some reason, many people think my brother and I are authorities on mind/body medicine, ayurveda, consciousness, vedanta, physics, spirituality in general and in all its forms, and now, of course, Jesus Christ. Alas, if only people knew how little we know!!
“I’m not sure what his exact quote was,” I replied, “But, in essence, I think that is what he was saying. That we all are part of, have God inside us.”
The guy looked at me in awe. I seriously thought he was going to cry. “Dude.” He paused. “That’s just so fucking awesome.”
He looked back at his notes, and I made my escape.
“Mommy, I guess he liked Nana’s words.” Tara chimed in. “Isn’t that nice?”
I was grateful that my daughter, for the first time, had seen and realized the power of her grandfathers words, and I was proud of her and my father.
I guess so, I smiled. And we headed home.

The Third Jesus

posted by Admin

CLICK HERE for a free downloadable excerpt from the bestselling book, THE THIRD JESUS, along with a special letter – “Smashing the Jesus Idol” – about the controversy surrounding the book. This offer is in effect until March 9th.

What Did You Think?

posted by dchopra

What does this Florida cabdriver think of all this spiritual vlogging happening in his backseat?

Key Questions to Ask the Universe

posted by dchopra

Here are some essential questions you should be asking yourself and the Universe.

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