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By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond By Deepak Chopra Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond Annie Bond The Path to Love Our materialistic worldview has reduced love to a haphazard flow of hormones coupled to psychological fantasies. The spiritual truth is […]

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As someone who trained and certified in Internal Medicine and Endocrinology over 35 years ago I began to see the connection between consciousness and biology. I was always puzzled that two patients with the same illness seeing the same physician […]

Brought to you by Deepak Chopra, MD, Alexander Tsiaras, and The consequences of allowing stress to rule our life are not only emotional. Physical structures throughout the human body take a beating. Tiny spines on the dendrites of nerve […]

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond Affect Your Reality Being able to affect your whole reality at once is the essence of “simultaneous interdependent co-arising.” There is no limit to how far your influence can reach but to find that […]

What does peace mean to you? Mallika Chopra, author, mother and founder of, speaks about three ways you can increase peace within yourself so that you are contributing to the increase of peace worldwide.   INTENT ARTICLES Worth The TIme: Meditating More […]

Good science fiction is a worthy genre, and although it’s darker and more tension-filled to imagine a dystopia run by berserk robots or malicious aliens, there’s occasionally a gentle story, about a future where kindly scientific wizards save mankind from […]

By Deepak Chopra and Annie Bond There is no difference between what is happening in your inner world and what is happening in your outer world. The outer world is just a reflection of your inner world. The world is […]

Stephen Hawking made worldwide news with his sound bite about how the universe was created. Specifically, he said that a Creator is not needed to explain how the universe began. Behind the sound bite was a deeper insight, which is […]

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