Deepak Chopra and Intent

Our daily lives are usually so busy we hardly have time to reflect on the bigger picture of our lives. Thankfully, visionaries like Intent Voice Duane Elgin remind us of the biggest picture possible that we can all invest the time to meditate on: the future of humanity and the universe at large.
As an internationally recognized speaker, author and social visionary, Duane is no stranger to observing the bigger picture of humanity to aid its continuously evolving consciousness. In past works, he has continuously championed bringing a more sustainable, conscious, and community-oriented mindset for the betterment of all the citizens of this planet. His newest book “The Living Universe: Where Are We? Who Are We? Where Are We Going?” is based on nearly three decades of research from biology, cosmology and physics, in addition to spiritual texts from all the major world religions. It also describes to us a whole new paradigm shift that we may have never considered before: seeing the entire universe as a truly living entity, rather than empty space and inert matter.
Listen to Duane speak about how this one shift in perspective may be what will save our planet from self-destruction, and how these current turbulent times are a perfect opportunity for humanity to transcend to the next level. Before you think this interview is too heady for you, Duane also offers all of us practical advice on how we can help elevate our human race to a better place: simply, slow down, calm down, and return to the moment.
I highly encourage all of you visit Duane’s website and pick up a copy of “The Living Universe.” Not only will you be deeply inspired, you will feel more connected and more present in this strange, living universe that we are all a part of.
Listen to the podcast and watch a video by Duane Elgin here

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