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The government is trying to solve the problem of toxic assets that have infected America’s biggest banks. But apparently it hasn’t disinfected its own toxic asset — political ideology. It was ideology that made House Republicans vote against the first […]

The Bhagavad Gita says “the course of karma is unfathomable.” And so it is. In Sanskrit the word karma means action. Sanskrit provides a precise vocabulary for this abstract field that can help us navigate through it with more assurance. […]

What can we do when one man’s Paradise is another man’s brutal dictatorship? This question faces the world once again with regard to Pakistan. It was announced on February 16th that the Pakistani government had reached an agreement with the […]

Strange as it sounds, the recent collapse of the economy was predicted in a nursery rhyme. Every child in past generations learned it, although I don’t know if they do now. For want of a nail the shoe was lost. […]

Last column I painted a grim picture of science’s dark side. A trend toward diabolical creativity began with the atom bomb in 1945 and has only accelerated since then. But it’s not just weapons of mechanized death that cause the […]

My daughter, Tara, is in first grade and is in Brownies, the precursor to Girl Scouts. I have to admit I was very wary of her joining what I thought was a conservative, all American, clan of secret codes and […]

Not a day goes by that someone I encounter doesn’t stop and ask me – “wait, your dad is DEEPAK CHOPRA?! Oh my God, what was it like to grow up with him as a father?!” I try to be […]

Deepak Chopra, Ken Robinson It’s a sore temptation to hunt down Osama bin Laden – one of the most consistent campaign promises made by President Obama – and yet there are strong arguments against it. U.S. forces would have to […]