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“… when we allow ourselves to be whole, we allow new visions to emerge in us and in our culture.” —  Lauren Artress,, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE When my youngest daughter turned […]

“Ego becomes dominant when your personal agenda is small. You become self-conscious and competitive because it’s what you think you need to do in order to survive. When your little boat gets caught up on a wave that’s bigger than […]

“When we hear each other’s stories, we begin to understand ourselves better and feel less alone. … When I tell my stories, it gives others permission to tell their own.” — Alma For Ada, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY […]

 “I think spirituality is also about the reconciliation of opposites. It’s about diving deep inside yourself beyond the polarities to a place of unity where everything holds together. … Initially, it seems as if you have to choose one thing […]

 [Spirituality] ” isn’t just about getting into the presence of God, because we’re in that presence all the time. The central question is ‘How can I fashion a life where I actually live in that awareness?’” — Rabbi Laura Geller,  […]

“What I do know is that each of us is an eternal being. And that our natural expression is love. Any other expression we find ourselves in is just a warp of our true identity.” — Margaret Wheatley  IN SWEET […]

 “What I say to you now I say without feeling sorry for myself: I have had many very difficult times. I got through them because … I held on tightly to God, and because I knew that eventually, things would […]

“Freedom is constantly choosing the right path at the right moment — at every moment. No one can do that for you. … When you do this, you win the battle, whatever it is. You are victorious. You also cannot […]

“My husband — because of who he is — helped me see myself, helped me know myself.  … You don’t stay married for thirty-nine years because of sex or even because of love, but because your partner is a real […]

“I believe there’s a reason for everything that’s happened to me: Everything has led me to improve who I am. I always try to look at my life from the perspective of what I’m supposed to learn from an experience. […]