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“When people self-organize around their authentic human needs, when they move beyond denial and break out of what I call the ‘social trance,’ when they stop accepting domination and trauma as part of the status quo, partnership values flourish.” — Riane Eisler, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE


This Sunday, February 26th, on the eve of the opening of the 56th Session of the UN-Commission on the Status of Women, women of all spiritual traditions are invited to join together for five minutes of prayer and silence to support the creation of a UN 5th World Conference on Women.

Supporters of the 5WCW hold the hope in their hearts of a world without violence and fear, where healthy food, clean air and water, education, and medical care are available to all women; where women’s empowerment and gender equality are the norm; where voices and choices and consciousness rise from our sacred center and women’s wisdom and courage are given their full range of expression.

A UN 5WCW is not an end in itself but a huge step in empowering women and inspiring compassionate action around the globe. To learn more about this historic gathering, please visit and help spread the word on Facebook’s UN Women’s Circles.

Now is the time.


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