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“I think spirituality is also about the reconciliation of opposites. It’s about diving deep inside yourself beyond the polarities to a place of unity where everything holds together.”  — Sister Helen Prejean, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE

Many years ago, I somehow came across the words of R. H. Greenville — a man? a woman? a writer? I never could find out more about them — that have served me well throughout the years.

Greenville wrote an essay called “New Day,” an opus so lofty I never could take it in all in one sitting. So I took it line by line and used various thoughts in the piece as affirmations I whispered to myself over and over again when my own thoughts would not suffice. 

Here are my favorites, the tried and true words of the anonymous R. H.. Greenville; the unsung legacy of a life of faith and divine love.  

“I am not limited. I am part of the limitless freedom, wisdom and activity of God. The best that I have experienced is but a prelude to the good which it is my destiny to know and enjoy.”

“I am exalted, lifted up in mind, heart and spirit when I contemplate the grandeur of life of which I am, have always been, and shall always be a part.”
“Everywhere I go, everywhere I look, divine light, divine love, surround me.”

“I am not afraid to let go of the old and grasp the new. Movement and activity are a part of my life and a part of my joy in living. My mind is open to new ideas. My heart welcomes the opportunity to know and grow in understanding.”

“I trust Him to bring heavenly results out of earthly conditions.”

“His is the power by which I conquer. His is the presence by which all things are made new and glorious.

Thank you, R. H., whoever, wherever you are!

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