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“When I share my stories, something meaningful occurs for everyone involved. Closer relationships, new ideas, the courage to take action in the midst of challenge — all this arises when we sit face to face with other human beings and talk as equals. … conversation is a gift we can give each other.” — Margaret Wheatley, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE

I’ve been thinking, lately, about my twelve year old self — the adventurous, pony-tailed, bike-riding, electric, Jack-in-a-box little squirt who moved about the planet at warp speed in supergirl fashion. I remember her as I would a favorite cousin, someone I grew up with and loved a lot, but don’t get to see much of these days.

I’ve been thinking of her because of this video — a must see for any woman who was once a twelve year old girl. ( These girls are amazing! They’ve learned to channel their energy, to focus. They clearly know the value teamwork. They have strength, confidence, and charisma. They are on the fast-track to becoming tomorrow’s leaders in a world now dubbed “The Sheconomy” where 33% more women than men graduate from college,  where women hold 51.5% of high-paying management and professional jobs and make 85% of the purchasing decisions.

I spent my “Wonder Bread years” riding my bike, putting on talent shows for my family and neighbors, and writing poems, stories, and inventive new lyrics to the TV commercials of the day. I knew what I wanted to do — become a writer — but had no idea or guidance about how to make that happen. When I look at the girls in this video, I not only miss having their energy, I marvel at who these girls can become. I’m also a teensy bit jealous. It’s not that my twelve year old lot was a bad or unhappy one. I have wonderful memories of that time in my life. It’s that it took me years to get to where those girls are now.

When people ask me as they sometimes do if there is anything I would do differently in my life, I tell them that I would have liked to have started living my life sooner than I did. I believe everything that’s happened to me has been perfect in the Grand Scheme of Things, that certain experiences or lack of same came to me to teach me necessary lessons about myself, the world, about the workings of God. And … how I would have loved to have had women around who trained me to be part of my version of a jump rope dance team. I think I could have gotten my show on the road much sooner than I did had that been the case.

Of course, in the Grand Scheme of Things, this, too, was perfect: That shortfall now inspires me to, now and again, take an adventuresome, pony-tailed, electric, Jack-in-a-box little squirt of a girl who moves about the planet at warp speed in supergirl fashion and tell her my stories, stories that encourage her and pass on relevant bits and pieces of what I know to be true.

Girls like this are everywhere these days. If you spot one, take her under your wing. Help prepare her to be the woman she wants to become, the woman the world now needs. Don’t forget to tell her I say “Hi”.

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