In Sweet Company

[As a young girl] “I was very attracted by the concept of the Madonna, the loving mother… this loving countenance is part of human experience, even during periods in our history when violence and abuse are dominant. When we are hurting, we all want someone we can go to and say, ‘Take care of me. Love me. Help me.'”— Riane Eisler, IN SWEET COMPANY: CONVERSATIONS WITH EXTRAORDINARY WOMEN ABOUT LIVING A SPIRITUAL LIFE
Thank you for your response. As the (very) old Dinah Shore song goes, “It’s so nice to have a man around the house,” a “real” Man, one who is not defended about or insistent on patriarchy or rolling his eyes about matriarchy, who understands that balance, the blend, is the spice of life! 
Your comment brings to mind something Sri Daya Mata said in In Sweet Company:  “… [Paramahansa Yogananda] taught that men and women are equals. Woman did not inherit half a soul from man; she is whole within herself. Man is also whole within himself. Both are reflections of God, both express His nature in different ways. 
“… Men and women are meant to be helpmates, working together as divine friends, as divine companions, to help each other become more balanced within themselves. Neither should try to control or dominate the other. This is part of the divine purpose of marriage, of every relationship between man and woman.” 
So, Hooray to balance! To enrichment of experience! To expansion of consciousness! To connection! To the ability to “Live Love.” And to Helpmates, Divine friends, Divine Companions!  
And Hooray to men like you, and the two gentle and powerful men who sing this song to the Divine feminine in us all.

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