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One of our editors Stephen Russ put together this fun gallery of great break-up songs. I know I’ve utilized the power of these tunes to help me get over lame relationships. If you need to be empowered, check it out! […]

So we’re still in the early part of 2012 which means that it’s not too late to make some resolutions. Our Queen of Self-Love Christine Arylo has some questions for you that will let you reflect on last year to […]

“Be kind to me or treat me mean / I’ll make the most of it / I’m an extraordinary machine” – Fiona Apple I ran the Marine Corps Marathon last Sunday. I lined up with 30,000 other runners in our […]

I recently spoke with Christine Arylo, the author of Choosing Me Before We, and… can I say wow! She really is the “Queen of Self-Love”. She devotes her life to teaching women how to love themselves in order to find […]

Yesterday’s blog featured the “Queen of Self Love” Christine Arylo, and she did a great video on how to stop sabotaging your love life. I was particularly moved by one of her tips. It’s so easy, yet it’s something you […]

It’s the simplest advice, isn’t it? We were born with the ability to do it. Be ourselves; think, behave and interact with others from our true nature. Sounds easy enough. So, where did we go wrong? I suppose it’s about […]

I’m borrowing this idea from Downtown Dharma, because it’s an excellent exercise in self-love. Could you list five things you love about yourself? I’ll go first. 1. I’m funny 2. I’m a writer 3. I have crazy, fun curly hair […]