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On the rare times that people come to me looking for advice, I hear them out and then ask the same question: “Do you really want it?” Whether it’s struggling for a promotion at work or losing weight, to me, […]

So we’re still in the early part of 2012 which means that it’s not too late to make some resolutions. Our Queen of Self-Love Christine Arylo has some questions for you that will let you reflect on last year to […]

I always make resolutions in the New Year. Every year, I enjoy making new goals for myself and seeing how I can accomplish them. Some of my goals this year are concrete. I’d like to run another marathon. I’d like […]

I saw this list floating around Facebook, and it’s powerful stuff if you can get a grasp on it. Everyone wants a better 2012 than 2011 was. We want to improve and evolve as human beings. I think this list […]