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In the Tailevu district of eastern Fiji, there is a remote spring rumored to have miraculous healing abilities. Crowds wake up well before dawn and travel hours to reach the spring in the western division mountain range. Ambulances make their […]

We love Gabby Bernstein here on the Inspiration Report. She’s been kind enough to lend us some great guest blogs such as “I Believe in Miracles”. I’ve also had the pleasure of interviewing her on her latest book. Check out […]

This year is drawing to a close. As we hang the holly and shop for gifts, we know the end of 2011 is looming. How was your 2011? Was it a good year for you or was it difficult? For […]

“It’s too good to be true.” Have you ever said that? It seems to apply to a myriad of situations. It looks like you’ll get the job you were wanting. Someone offers to pay a bill for you. Your spouse […]

The other day, I was watching some old TV shows on my laptop. I love stand-up comedy and found an archive of old Comedy Central specials. It was all my favorite comics in some of their early performances. I laughed […]