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In the wake of some tough times, I’m finally resurfacing. I describe it all like a hurricane: the storm came through, I evacuated, and now I’m returning back to my life to survey the damage and see what can be […]

As I write this, we are all returning back to normal after Hurricane Irene. Here in Norfolk, the flood waters have receded, there are a few down trees and lots of people are still without power. However, it could have […]

To wrap up BFF week (and in honor of Lucille Ball’s birthday on Saturday), I found the cutest video. It’s from the 1950s landmark sitcom, I Love Lucy. Here Lucy and her friend Ethel rehearse a song about friendship. May […]

So we’ve taken a look at the kinds of friends we all have or would like to have. Now it’s time to look at ourselves. How can you be a better friend? There are so many ways but here are […]

It’s all about inspiring friendship this week.  We talked about our best friends and heard a great song about friendship by James Taylor and Carole King. Now, it’s time to highlight some great friends everyone should have. If you’re lucky, […]

This week, I’m looking at friendship. We already kicked it off with yesterday’s blog on “Who’s Your Best Friend”. This is a great song about friendship. Send it to someone you love. This post makes me feel…Inspired (0) Motivated (0) Happy (0) Better (0) […]

We’ve done this a few times in the past with fathers and, interestingly enough, ourselves. But let’s talk about friends! This one is going to be fun. Okay, I’ll go first. I have been blessed with a trio of best […]

Today is my birthday. No, I don’t say that to solicit birthday wishes. Since the wee hours of the morning, I’ve been the happy target of more than enough warm regards, kind thoughts and prayers for happiness. My friends and […]